‘the Saba Ha’ is the Buddhism and Christianity this time. Newspaper production (synthesis)


Jaehyun Jang director of ‘the sword one’s teacher systems’ came back to the new work ‘the Saba Ha’. The religion was made the meterial after the previous work this time. To the boundary light which the Buddhism and Christianity and good and ill will is uncertain be scary and dealt the issue was one more put out. The movie ‘the Saba Ha’ press preview and press conference was held in the Yongsan gu CGV Yongsan child Park mall on 13th. In this day place, the actor this standing, Park Chungmin, this man of talent, and Jaehyun Jang director attended. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector gets to install the suspicious character and cases with the bad luck week and which starts. All Bahyeot the meter which it gets to make Jaehyun Jang director “‘ was started from the single row the evil was met in Chaeuryeo” the movie As to chang director, the doubt got when ” world being unreasonable and dark, really there was ‘. So, the men made the religion if the article was visited. Then had the question in the god’s on existence curiosity. Finally, the idea that it became to it felt empty, remain and it has to make the movie there was done and said. ‘the Saba Ha’ emphasized the color of the religion more than the part, that is Occult, to be different from the previous work ‘the black priests’ of Chang director more. Supervisior Jang “if the black priest ‘ told with the character, it tried so that ‘ Saba Ha ‘ was able to make the movie in which the prologue is the star” explained. After that, he installed “because of when being well the balance of the character the job blastema, the actors are the same as one which the prologue comes out well so that anyone doesn’t may make off”. This standing came back to the modern play after long interval. He revealed on the reason “all Bwat the scenario with the character-centered in which there is a lot of the desire which would like to present different attitude and which it doesn’t try” selecting this film “then, it was the most interesting and this genre was not tried and Mocksa Park role got to be undertaken among one which the scenario comes at that time”. It is the new actor this man of talent to be noticeable to the eyes at the current movie. Although ‘the Saba Ha’ was the first movies, this man of talent digested into the stable acting ability. This standing, Park Chungmin, ferryboat Gyu, and etc. was all together praised including supervisior Jang. Chang director told “in the audition room, it met for the first time. The voice of the actor who is the suffering was so good” “when starting the movie, it was likely to be good to put with the narration”. In the meantime, it praised “because of understand the shoes well and have much the religious knowledges in comparison with the experience and communicating, it was so good”. This standing commented “because of watching the Mollaneun part movie well how there was not a lot of the meeting scene and they acted, it was startled all of a sudden how the Jal Ha increased the acting in this way” “the looks which it expresses all ones which one will have to express well in spite of being the rookie was seen and it was very surprised”. The ferryboat Gyu congratulated the first film debuts of “one uncle fan increased” this man of talent. The ferryboat Gyu entering the stuff into ‘extreme Job’ into the actor rank appears as the monk on ‘the Saba Ha’ recently. He got to make the movie of which 10 million audiences are mobilized. (‘ Saba Ha ‘ actors) cloth asked to infuse with the tendency before the showing a movie and even if I will not blow in, it will be likely to go well and whenever it will be needed, the tendency with will be infused and I said and the inside of the hall was made into the scene of boisterous laughter. Park Chungmin undertook the repairman Buddha’s disciples role which it is mysterious in the current movie. He told “if when it approached well the person whose there is a lot of this film in which the story is the hero and it was felt like one which the director tells enjoyably, it will be good”, saying that it was “personally, the it feels anxious, 100% cheer about one volume of movie is included movie work about the acting this first time”. All Heullyeot the tear of this day supervisior Jang the deep emotion He asked “it made eagerly in have never never cry after I saw ‘ Armageddon ‘ in the old days” “if when the actors were so nice and saw so that the audience could be humorous, then it will be good”. ‘the Saba Ha’ opens on the coming 20th and the length in seconds is 122 minutes.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745480.htm, 2019/02/14 05:00:03]