The second attack…’ of Joseon zombieKingdom ‘ ” season 2, in 2020, the open decision “


The season 2 of the movie streaming service Netflix original series ‘kingdom’ finds the global fan in this coming 2020. Netflix announced in the morning on 14th, Korea formal Instagram “‘ Kingdom 2’ could be said to be put out and the good news was brought” “‘ Kingdom ‘ season 2, in 2020, the decision”. When the dying king revives into the first Korea original series of Netflix, then the Kingdom ‘ is the end of Joseon which Crown Prince who is driven into the traitor steps and mystery thriller drama which digs up these secrets which the monster becomes after the hunger and starts from that place. The actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Dona Bae Ryu Seongryong, and etc. took an active part. The season 1 was revealed to the worldwide on the 25th of last month. And there is to give the news about season 2 production early at November last year. The season 2 cranked in at last 12th. In the season 2, taehun Kim, and etc. the actor Park bottle joined refreshingly. The Kim Sunghun director makes till 1 time. The movie ‘metropolitan citizen’ Enje Park director finds the megaphone from 2 times.
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