‘the team Lake 2’ “it is already not getting off with the procurement ring ·. It is the story. ” (official position)


The official position was put out while the drama ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ was seized by the actor getting off dispute. KBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ (under ‘ team Lake 2’) people concerned revealed the actor procurement ring in connection with the getting off “the en is planning to appear in the story look mid-section” already on 14th. After that, it explained “it had been being comprised centered on the story of the stars from the planning as much as it was the drama in the episode format. The character who the flow pattern of the story is fresh in the future is committed or it will get to leave”. Meantime, this day daily sports reported the drama getting off news with the procurement ring the electric charge “more than 5 authors was replaced in the first season till the drama middle part and ‘ neighborhood lawyer team Lake ‘ series production didn’t reveal whether the author was from the first time the several people” already. Previously, ‘the team Lake 2’ conveys at the time when the getting off news of the actor Byeonhui solder will be known “leave naturally the flow pattern of the pole which the actor health problem is not”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745512.htm, 2019/02/14 10:31:33]