The Valentine’s Day gift of the comeback ‘D-5’ tray? …’Surprisingly, the spoiler ‘


It had the debut ahead on 5th and the Boy group tray (TREI) arranged the gift for the fans. The tray agency banana incubation entertainment opened the tray first reality program ‘the tray time Biginjeu’ 7 to Naver V live in the morning on 14th. This day tray opened surprisingly the music video shoot field with the impression having the debut ahead. It conveyed from the image the Changhyun Chae “it practices for a long time and 3 people comes to one team now at last and the Jeom that there is the number is happy tomorrow and the expectancy stops the outcome officially”. The Gimjun Tae said “all love us is able to make thanks to this debut in this way and it is so deeply moved” “in order to when will show the alwaysbetter looks, it will try” the debut impression. The debut song brought out kept 19th was explained. It is the word that Changhyun Chae is the start on the question which it asks about listening the tune and coming into mind. The feel which listened the tune and in which it starts was strong and it told. It told and Ijaejun explained ‘cloud’ “it thinks when there will be lots of the occasion getting the feel which is not caught as if it is caught” “because of when being the story about that woman, the song lyrics or atmosphere got the feel like the song and perfect match like that one”. Moreover, changhyun Chae participated all in ” album this time as the gone tune and the attachment goes all. It is ‘your night’ to select one from among them. For the housekeeping and melody line, the detail was sweet and it came out well, the idea got and it said. Ijaejun awarded ‘ Ahn child, the Gimjun Tae selected ‘ Miss ‘ who is the tune participating in the writing the lyrics directly. Ijaejun selected the concert if the debut wanted to be generous. Ijaejun revealed “the day when one in which each worked and which we would like to conduct did and there will be too much and it will be good if It became ‘ this team which displayed those ones really fully and which makes the stage wanted to come quickly” the desire. Finally, “it will become the tray which will develop condescendingly always to the position in which it will be more mature as much as it will take long and tries and will practice and deals truly to the fans” the determination were tramped. Meantime, as to tray, all the members is exhibiting the singer song writer ability including the writing the lyrics, composition, producing, and etc. as the Boy group which it launches for the first time in the banana incubation entertainment from the formal debut. Come out on the real activity beginning with the debut showcase on the coming 19th.
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