Did ‘the hot blood priest’ explode?


The Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ attempted in SBS for the first time gets rid of today, (15 days) veil. The steam Seong ‘the hot blood priest’ will leave the actor steam as the work of which Jaebeom Park author writing ‘the exorcism doctor’ ‘kim Gwajang’ and Myeongwoo Lee director producing ‘punch’ ‘whisper’ is mutual understanding germs this west wind, and etc. which appears. As much as it is the first Geumto drama, SBS has the shape going to this. As much as the strength is united, the interest is the actors that production crew in person of real ability and acting ability is solid concentrated if how TV is captivated. The points of interest was examined into this before the first broadcastings. ◆ ‘the comic investigation pole’ ‘the hot blood priest’ to be blown away a week stress is the hot temperament Catholic priest Kimhae work (the person to leave Kim) and comic investigation pole in which the stupid detective globe Great Britain (the steam Seong dividing equally) meets for the murder case and which starts the Eo the soul transient prosperity criminal investigation cooperation. Present the catharsis in which their stories making a wholesale arrest the group in cartel hold Gautama in city of the sin is piquant. The schedule which ‘the hot blood priest’ shoots the society evils, that is the hotbed of irregularities and corruption, it disentangles this with the satire and humor and it restores the state of the pole The powerful smile cord is added to the pole overall as well as the lively character play as well as the character play which lives and moves. The time when these getting tired of life can laugh fully of will be given a present. ◆ The new priest character that birth Eo dither of ‘the successive generations class’ priest have never never see in where is unable to see stimulates the interest of the audiences. The biting remark the priest Kimhae work which it is unable to stand the anger if it sees the suddenness is swimmingly done toward bad hes living comfortably even though it commits a crime. It is the sign of Serpent and the action is flewn. The person who besides Kimhae work have the unique career that it is the agent of the National Intelligence Service from His who becomes to undergo the shocking case and walk down the road of the priest story is expected to be drawn mainly. The appearance of the priest who this rice wrapped in leaves giving vent to the anger at the place to get angry is stingy will present the fresh impact to TV. ◆ the synergy of the having the greatest power actors including the steam Seong it will leave Namgil Kim X Kim Seong germs X Lee west wind and synergy steam of the having the greatest power actors germs, these west wind, which and etc. is expected. Namgil Kim undertakes the role to be the bride Kimhae arming with the can it is haggard. Life character renewal is once and notified in advance. The steam Seong germs performs the Ji undertaking the coward Jjolbo detective globe large area and the hot rolling visiting the comic often. This west wind acceding 10 million actors changes into the desire inspection Kyongson Park that the fighting overflows. It shows the risen acting. Here, the actor corps of the acting ability provides support. The ditrysian-type and steam which the late to play an active part as ‘the cartel of the vice’ awards want. Kim Hyeong jelly adds the tension of the pole among Enki Chung, Youngjoo Jung, and cooling. The bride JungDong, that is the existence like the father, ring, ‘the Catholic church members’ Geewon Baek, Sungwoo Jeon, and etc. are planning to supplement the pole with the newcomer criminal case Seuwek overflowing to the division price rock and within a drama Namgil Kim abundantly. ◆ the drama ‘kim Gwajang’ heavy wind is caused and the mutual understanding ‘the hot blood priest’ believe of the production crew is the work of which Jaebeom Park author letting check the unchallenged peel force of me and Myeongwoo Lee director producing ‘punch’ ‘whisper’ etc. Wellmade drama is mutual understanding. In the story where there is the Witt of Jaebeom Park writer embodied in the genre that it is the extreme comic investigation pole and feast of the character the personality overflowing, 2 cores Geori the drama fans already. Serve this in the screen to the direction in which the liveliness is full of Myeongwoo Lee supervision. As to ‘the hot blood priest’, today, (15 days) is broadcasted at 10 o’clock p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745641.htm, 2019/02/15 11:43:27]