Geesung Yoon and solo debut song ‘the lane’ MV the teaser center ‘the Aryeon dreams and phantasms’


The solo debut of the singer Geesung Yoon was just around the corner. Geesung Yoon agency LM entertainment opened Geesung Yoon first solo album ‘the Aside’ title song ‘the In The Rain (the lane)’ music video teaser video to 0 carring out system SNS on 15th. The image center Geesung Yoon looks no out of a window gotten off and is wrapped in the deep thought. After that, the primping is refined and the preparation in which it goes to meet whether it is someone or not is gotten. However, while the background inside, that is within dreams and phantasms, remains alone, the faint look is sent for the camera. In the image the end, the lyrics called “it was lost in this sound of rain and was not heard” appears and lyrical the sweet voice of Geesung Yoon and melody is in harmony. Like this, the atmosphere which becomes mature more and more of is made a boast through the successively previously revealed concept photo and image and appearance in which the one-stage makes a step forward musicallly is notified in advance. The In The Rain ‘it is the sensibility parting eulogy expressing the mind greeting the parting without the preparation with love this sincerely with the pop ballad genre of which the orchestra melody gets joined together with the melody which is sensitive.’Aside’ is revealed at p.m. 6 on 20th.
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