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The pink air current blossoming with Donguk Lee and induction was caught. In 4 TvN TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sincerity arrives’ (the script Imyeongsuk · Choeborim and direction Bakjun) broadcasted at last 14th, the Kwon Jeong rock (donguk Lee) and aspects of the Chinshim Oh (in the stage name Oh gloss, be the induction better and be resentful) which begins to be aware was drawn. 2 people which becomes to have on weekend private meeting about the request of Chinshim Oh that it teaches the studying law and is sweet At this time, the campus date in which the Kwon Jeong rock settled on the next seat and which teaches the study and which feels sweet was imagined, whereas until the drive-in theater date making a pretext of the studying was proposed, it was early. Chinshim Oh threw out the cute jealousy. The Yeareum Yoo (the chirality gloss) and the met Chinshim Oh expressed the jealousy in the court, saying that it was “the en seems to be truly familiar” towards him know the various sides of the Kwon Jeong rock which I don’t know. The anticipation toward the Kwon Jeong rock of Chinshim Oh became larger countlessly it holds. Chinshim Oh who it took care to hit against the evidence of the whole boyfriend stalking case which it comes into the Kwon Jeong rock and visits the client of the house encountered with the whole boyfriend of the client hiding under the bed. The Kwon Jeong rock appeared in the before of Chinshim Oh who protected the client at this with the body and whom it gets to be faced with the right crisis like the helper brought the man under control in the moment. Did the scuffle in the neck of the Kwon Jeong rock and discovers the appearing wound Chinshim Oh started in order to disinfect Chinshim Oh. It was excited till these which two shot of 2 people which gets to face near as much as within breathing arrived sees. The details of narcotic scandal case which produced Chinshim Oh to exercise self-discipline for 2 years was revealed. It is uncovered to invite him whom the empire group vice-president Igangjun stalking Chinshim Oh doesn’t accept its own mind to the drug orgy in the past and was trying to revenge. The appearance from behind of the suspicious steal a glance at the end Kwon Jeong rock and sms conversation of Chinshim Oh among these man was drawn and the curiosity was aroused.
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