Park spring and world of singers comeback? …’The solo return starting only the year 8′.


The girl group 2NE1 singer of origin Park spring reveals the domestic world of singers return sign. The Star news reports on 15th, the new musical composition is announced among come March and the world of singers comeback is set in concrete and Park spring is in the midst of the final work. Therefore, it got to come back as the solo singer after the solo ‘DON’ T CRY’ which it announces in 2011 in 8 years. Park spring debutted as 2NE1 along with the member CL, sandara park, and citizen Ji in 2009 and started the working in the booter YG entertainment through the period for trainee in 2005. ‘I Don’ T Care’ ‘Can’t Nobody’ ‘ I, as to I showed the hit song march continued the back in the middle of after the debut song ‘Fire’ the most well but it was enveloped in the narcotic dispute in 2014 and work had lulled. The Mnet ‘MAMA’ stage showed the return sign on December, 2015. However, after Park spring didn’t engage the particular activity after the official disband of 2NE1 in 2016. Meantime, Park spring has to inform the newborn agency part a division and contract news before last year.
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