“sign of big hit”.’It is the actor, the first broadcasting room is given today again, it holds.


MBN variety program ‘it is the actor today again’ is revealing the Simsangchian spirit. Five- it is the actor today againPearMistake(under ‘ Baewoo Oh ‘) is the variety program experiencing the up-to-date trend culture till Yunggeon Kim, Park jung-soo, Misuk Lee, Youngjoo Jung, and Nam Sang Mi with the cultural conquest project variously recently with the behaving carelessly of the veteran actor. In ‘baewoo Oh’ broadcasted at last 14th for the first time, the looks which it has to show the comt which is short in the newly coined word which the young generations write down and in which 5 Ibnang perform the missions was revealed. 5 Ibnang in which the meaning of the newly coined word was well known, and which it could succeed in Ttalchul Bang game performed the extraordinary error parade. This scene evoked the consistently smile. ‘the star everyone line’ of the meaning and newly coined word of the abbreviation (Too Much Information) ‘TMI’ back of ‘the so excessive information’ ‘it is 3 ears’ ‘reduce much one all’ of the meaning pulled the interest of the viewer and especially, ‘the man having the superior gene’ rose ‘the milk south’ of the meaning and ‘it wants Sseomta’ to the Portal site real time searching Eo. The scene which gets to reveal the reason why Misuk Lee gets to join among these in ‘baewoo Oh’ surged to Bundang highest ratings 3.558%. ‘baewoo Oh’ is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 9:40.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745695.htm, 2019/02/15 17:51:32]