‘the da It Show’.’ it removes on the basis of to be no ‘gag Concert’ and which is DaitThe smile two times ‘


The KBS2 variety program ‘gag Concert’ (under ‘ gag concert ‘) gag corner ‘the da It Show’ conveys the chan smile to TV tightly. The gag concert ‘of’ da It Show’ is inspiring the smile to the audiences as the gag show in which every week is splendider and which is abundant. The long life corner ‘the da It Show’ broadcasted at June last year for the first time is ‘show’ meeting literally colorful many gag stages. The activity of the Gimnina show the super strength show which it shows the corner by ’89’ and it plays the variety always from the first day so far and Park Chinhoh is prominent. These who are abundant by the perfect triple time are captivated till the Chemie sticky of 2 people and super strength surprising super strength and comt like the grain of sesame. Moreover, ‘one hundred generations grandfather rock’ is showing the cute (?) splendid feat Kim Tae-won, Hoekyong Kim, Imseonguk, and ark Ho who are getting the love of the audiences by the concept and unique reversal gag reversal gag catching off guard. Besides, all songs are connected to the food with the enormous appetite and Song Young-Gil and Kim Su-Yong take the responsibility for the huge smile of ‘the da It Show’. ‘the third generation bone is hung out’ stood up to this is inducing the burst of laughter catching off guard with the strength which is weak with the appetite hiting the organization and bottom with figure comedian trial cuts out the gag concert representative Gyu, Do Heon Kim, and frequency of loss. The new team ‘wheel’ finds ‘the da It Show’ from the broadcasting on the coming 17th. The coward reminding the cockroach is planning to be worn and these who inspire Kiyeong Jang, Cho gin Se, and Min surname and the Jangjun joy and anger is comprised are planning to give the pleasure in the quiz which is extraordinary and fresh and once. It can meet in the da It Show ‘it is broadcasted p.m. 9 on 17th in 15 minutes’ Gag Concert ‘.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745688.htm, 2019/02/15 16:37:50]