The damage caused hail battle formation and drama ‘secret’ (gaze) south Ju decision.’119 special structure staff ‘


The actor damage caused hail battle formation changes from the first show after comeback into 119 special structure staff. The stingy agency mountain movement revealed that it got to undertake the incarnation highly acid Hak role of the money and honor which the damage caused hail jeans becomes 119 special structure staff by the next product with formal report data in the drama ‘secret’ (the Gaze and script this hachures · the direction five categories rock) on 15th. ‘secret’ (gaze) is the drama drawn the content that it flocks into the space that it is ‘wood’ and has been healing the hurt of the feeling wearing the memory which each is not happy and the characters having the realistic desire realize the nature of the hapiness. It is the first half of this year shooting schedule. Chongrok Oh director who comes and goes the genre which SBS ‘piano’ ‘style’ back is various and makes a success of the somewhat thick work in charge of direction and KBS script conspiracy grand prize is received in 2002 and showing Sonyeong Lee author writes the work in which the drama special ‘the given coffee’ and TV series ‘snow White’ back humanism and lyricism is strong. Every matter is perfect in ‘the novel south’ prepared till the appearance and animal sense like the picture and flying hair but Sanhyeok is resentful as 119 special structure staff Gangsanhyeok station where within a drama persecution jeans takes the helicopter and rescues the people with the character who goes on living with losing the memory of the childhood. The damage caused hail battle formation keeps the firefighter support service and donative activity according to the agency constantly since back in 2016 and 119 rescuer role and relation is actually deep such as being appointed with the fire department honor firefighter in 2018 and shooting in the fire safety commercial film as the firefighter, etc. Meantime, the damage caused hail battle formation starts into the first half of the year ‘secret’ shooting with the overseas activity including 2 month Valentine’s Day commemoration Japan fan meeting, and etc.
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