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The group 2NE1 from sandara Park started the supportive shooting for the new album of the singer Park spring. Sandara Park agency YG entertainment revealed on 15th, “sandara Park sees the foil, it is right to participate in the new musical composition featuring”. Previously, this day news 1 reported that sandara Park saw the foil, it finished the featuring recording in the new musical composition ‘spring’. The back, sandara Park listens to the new song and which is impressed according to the news 1 and in which it sheds the tear positively, all Bahyeot the featuring doctorWhen the solo comeback news of Park spring was known, then “even if, now, YG position is not but Bom wishes to go well truly” wrote and YG entertainment head Yang Hyun-Suk representative sent the cheer to Instagram. Meantime, Park spring, CL, and citizen Ji and 2NE1 Ro made debut in 2009 and sandara Park engaged the world of singers activity. After 2NE1 announced the dismantling officially in 2016 and It became four people of member to walk its own way.
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