The first shot D-day ‘the hot blood priest’ Namgil Kim X Kim Seong germs X Lee west wind, today, (15 days) ‘cultwo Show’ scramble


SBS first Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ leading role 3 Ibnang is all mobilized to ‘the poems of Dubo escape Cultwo Show’ (under ‘ Cultwo Show ‘). The Cultwo Show ‘SBS power FM which as to production crew, ” today (15 days) is broadcasted by formal report data on 15th’ Cultwo Show ‘drama’ hot blood priest ‘the steam Seong it will leave the star steam germs and this west wind which appeared and it revealed.’The hot blood priest ‘ is the extreme comic investigation pole in which the hot temperament Catholic priest and stupid detective meets for the murder case and which starts the Eo the soul transient prosperity criminal investigation cooperation. The steam Seong germs took the role in which Namgil Kim will be the hot temperament priest Kimhae of the control inability care of the stupid detective globe large area. The role in which the desire prosecutor Park Jjeum that it overflows that this west wind clumsy undertakes was undertaken. Open the set sequel to the story which the smile was not stopped in 3 learned this day ‘cultwo Show’ as the drama. The smoke breathing, and etc between them are planning to be frankly and confessed. The Cultwo Show ‘ can listen to 15 days (gold)s in SBS power FM (107.7Mhz) and internet radio gorilla at 2 p.m.
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