‘the Frozen 2’ bait taken off the veil was thrown.


‘Frozen’ causing the world syndrome comes back to this winter season 2. As much as the animation breaks primally through 10 million audiences and this popularity is proved in the domestic, the expectancy about the season 2 is high. While Walt Disney studio opens among these to the teaser preview, the regarding this various interpretations are coming out. The teaser preview which 13 days (local time)s are revealed starts in the vast beach in which the performance snowfield which the snow is covered is not. It is faced with the case in which the kingdom to burn the arene is fresh, the aspects of Elsa that it confronts the huge waves and crosses the sea can know. Here, moreover the brave looks of the whole book is once again shown. And comeback of the brave sister is notified in advance. Till the urgent appearance of Kkeuriseuttoppeu and appearance of Rappeu Ol Add the delight. It is the fall background in which the maple leaves appears a lot to be noticeable to the eyes among these. The place where it arrives after the journey in which Elsa and sister Ahnna and Kristoffer are difficult is the wood which the red starts to be vast. In the image end, the opinion is pouring if the keyword in which the maple leaves passes with the title and ‘fall’ is important in the current work is not. Especially the suspicious floater which it is found on the front of Ahnna floats fully. The opinion gets the appearance in which Elsa is pushing out the suspicious tendency to mean that it has got a problem to the kingdom to burn the arene. Moreover, the curiosity leans if new characters of 2 people appearing just a minute do any kind of role in ‘the Frozen 2’. As to this season 2, chris Beok making the whole book and Jeniffer Ri director and music supervision joined altogether. The music and visual art upgraded with the more expanded story is likely to be shown. Open come December in November and domestic broken out at North America.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745588.htm, 2019/02/15 00:00:03]