‘the Hwang Min string return’ new yeast and 5 people integer profile ‘release with lightning speed’


The group new yeast revealed the new profile image which the member Hwang Min string has together. Continuously the new yeast agency Ppeul LADDIS entertainment uploaded the new yeast first the integer profile image and individual case profile image on the today (15 days) 0 the sinew the yeast official SNS in 2019. In the association image, its own personality the new yeast digests completely the feel which is casual with the contained atmosphere which is cozy and which it is natural. It shows until the micro which it is mild, overflows from the visual which it rises more and more and eyes which the charisma overflows with the colorful charisma to be harmonious of 5 people. After that, the new yeast releases another fascination from the successively revealed personal profile image. Min string stared at the front with the eyes satisfied with the melancholy, in addition it expressed the charisma and contradictory charisma in which it coexists to be soft as the look the playfulness overflowing and JR shows the boy beauty and mature beauty by the micro which is felt to be warm and mild. The visual risen with the tired feel as well as one showing the atmosphere which becomes intense more and more with the quiet look was boasted and even when seeking with the looks which Aaron made a boast of the agile jaw line as if it gets a cut and which it does the stylish, Ren showed the cute charisma. Finally, the white tiger stimulated the woman’s heart with the micro which overflows along with the natural attitude to be kind and it is the peculiar mood dirty with the eyes in which it is fullness felt to be soft. Like this, the new yeast which Jeongyeokgongaeha the new profile photo, and informs the start of the second film for the before as the integer and amplifies the expectation for the activity to the peak is planning to be communicated with the fans through this yearmoreover various activities.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745632.htm, 2019/02/15 10:27:52]