‘the idol radio’ wire call “it is not the lie management and commercial shooting and smile stopped”


The singer wire call mentioned the lie management in the radio. It appeared in the astro oxidation and MBC General FM radio ‘the idol radio’ at last 14th and as to wire call, ㅇ informed the news which the clothes commercial model becomes like the lie management recently. The wire call told “did ‘ produce 101’ end (with the lie management), the formal was scheduled for the first time and the smile was not stopped?” “2 was so interesting” the atmosphere of the set. The wire call which undertakes the station visited the childhood from the SBS TV show ‘the plurality came back’ recently and plays an active part as the actor finishes (horse) in ” performer organization chatting room than the idea much. The atmosphere was very good, it told. In the meantime, it did the voicemail “it did to see last time major on Saturday and why there was all suddenly no contact” and evoked laughter. The special stage was prepared. The wire call played ‘Somedaymy prince will come’ (MI prince wheel computer it cutes), that is ‘snow White’ OST, with the grand piano. The guitar played ‘meet you’ and it was the pole lap the subsidiary boasted the voice of feeling sweet the sweet voice. The subsidiary is the first place of one’s mind of ” (it is the pole lap) I. It would like to meet truly. The song wanted to be together made and it was the fan loyalty dirty. Moreover, it was ‘Baby’ choreographing cold. ” eunwoo brother the astro subsidiary graduating from the high school said buy recently to (with the graduation gift) be tasty. ‘can you have expensive one?’ It did to go because of doing in being truly expensive, the steak and wine wanted to be drunk at “to the Chaeun mistake” large enterprise tower top, the desire was left. Moreover the subsidiary told “while it prepares when the astro installs the fan meeting on March 2nd, it is staying eagerly” “because of prepare eagerly the stages which are unable to see, it asks to come over much”. ‘the idol radio’, that is the idol profession program of the MBC radio, is broadcasted in 5 minute ~1 o’clock (the weekend and legal holiday mdnt mid-night ~1 o’clock) MBC General FM radio (the Seoul · game 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application Mini at 12 a.m. It can meet as the radio which is the pyong and the broadcast all are shown in the naver V live in the night 9 o’clock ~10 o’clock.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745651.htm, 2019/02/15 13:33:48]