The Kim Geehun “yoonhoh kite announcer and passionate love NO and Jeju Island can meet fortuitously”


The agency denied this while the actor Kim Geehun was seized by SBS CNBC Yoonhoh kite announcer and love affair. The Kim Geehun agency Big feature entertainment people concerned revealed on 15th, “it is the familiar between but the result that it confirms from the Kim Geehun person and Kim Geehun and Yoonhoh kite announcer is not sweetheart”. After that, the agency explained “it is the fact that 2 people meets in Jeju Island but it doesn’t go together from the first time to Jeju Island” “when Jeju Island meeting fortuitously and accompanying the acquaintances and taking part in the exhibition, the photo is taken and the misunderstanding seems to be called”. Previously, this day Sports Donga reported that it raised the love such as it had the new year’s day recently, the actor Kim Geehun and Yoonhoh kite announcer went for the travel to the jeju-do, etc. The love was expressed such as the Kim Geehun and Yoonhoh kite announcer uploaded the date photo according to the report on SNS (the social relationship network service), etc. Meantime, the Kim Geehun is appearing on TV shipbuilding drama ‘barbell’. Yoonhoh kite announcer is taking care of SBS CNBC ‘the life economy Jeongbottoktok’ progress.
source : [, 2019/02/15 19:32:35]