The lie management, today, (15 days) fan cafe open Seriously, the activity ‘starting’


The formal fan cafe of the singer lie management was opened. As to the lie management agency cube entertainment, the formal account of ” lie management and fan cafe was opened in the formal SNS on 15th. The many interest oves the fan everyone was wished and it revealed. As to the lie management, in the naver V LIVE channel open people image, my V LIVE channel was opened at last. Because of various mies contents would be presented in the future through V LIVE channel, it will watch and would better give, trying in order to take “***” fans and much time, many loves were asked and the impressions was conveyed. As to the lie management official fan cafe, about 120,000 people of pans visited the open in one hour. And the hot reaction of the pans is continued such as rising to every kind Portal site real time searching Eo including Naver and next., etc. Meantime, the lie management is staying in the drama ‘the Choyeonna Geon errand boy (初戀那 Geon errand boy)’ photographic car China. It is the plan which comes and goes Korea and China and engages the active activity.
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