The lively salvage · impression…’The actual firefighter which the secret ‘ is stingy and learned one “


The speciality rescue member change of the actor damage caused hail battle formation is how. The damage caused hail battle formation transmitted the rescue site which is fresh in 119 special rescue team. The impression having the change ahead was revealed. After opening the new drama ‘secret’ (the Gaze and script this hachures · the direction five categories rock) 119 fire department special structure versus training situation city where the damage caused hail battle formation is held in the sandalwood plant capital area for each kyunggi namyang 119 special rescue team p.m. 2 on 15th, it was “it would like to present without adjustment” of small but sturdy build aspiration the steps in the press conference. In the secret ‘, the persecution jeans is resentful with 119 special structure versus firefighter Gangsanhyeok character where it takes the helicopter and rescues the people. Sanhyeok is the person who all ones are perfect as much as it prepared till the appearance, animal feeling, and flying hair but goes on living with losing the memory of the childhood. 119 rescuer and relation is deep such as the damage caused hail battle formation connecting the firefighter support service and donative activity constantly is appointed with the fire department honor firefighter last year and it plays an active part in the fire safety commercial film as the firefighter since back in 2016, etc. In this day press conference, the damage caused hail gin has the nap in which the character introduces as “the M&A specialist it is the firefighter” and which has to work as ” M&A specialist directly. The thought was delivered to be one ” which the obligation of the firefighter can accomplish completely. After that, the resolution having “when figure of the actual firefighter who the firefighter in the painting is not will be learned and in order to will present figure of the realistic firefighter, it will try” the special structure versus fire fighting volume the character smoke ahead was expressed. 119 fire department special structure versus training situation was previewed prior to the day and press conference which the snow flurries waves. Moreover, it is stingy, there was the demonstration plan but it was unable to participate as the problem of on security because of the bad weather. It was the process where it rescues the mannequin which it hangs from the cliff model. The rescue member lowered to the down the cliff to hold of the rope and it loaded the mannequin. It pulled up onto the cliff. It was the virtual situation but like this, could not be impending. At that time, the engine sound was heard at a distance. 119 structural helicopter came to fly rapidly and it stopped on the cliff. In the helicopter, the ambulance crews took down the rope and rescued the mannequin. It was impressive moment one virtual life is dramatically rescued. After finishing the demonstration, the rescue command car in was gotten going the direction and the damage caused hail battle formation appeared. The handshake was politely handed over as if the damage caused hail battle formation getting off at the passenger seat paid the leader of rescue unit respect. The leader of rescue unit expressed “the social justice and joys and sorrows of the firefighters are all well benign with ㄹ and the public consensus wishes to be formed by the drama activity of the damage caused hail battle formation” “if when the start came to the small wave of the change of society, it will be good” the wind. It is the first half of this year shooting schedule with the drama to draw the content that it flocks into the space that it is the secret ‘the hurt of the feeling which the characters having the desire which is realistic wear the memory which each one is not happy’ forest ‘ and it has been healing and realizes the essence of the hapiness.
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