The monk ‘accreditation’…’Narae Park and Buddhist Goddess of Mercy on change I hire alone


Really the micro charitable of the comedian Narae Park advancing into Day is how. The micro of Narae Park gets the cheerful recognition from the monk. All greens the temple stay adaptor after the last week in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ which Narae Park is broadcasted p.m. 11 on 15th 10 minute ‘I can hire alone’ pity “the appearance of Narae Park starting into the real Zen meditation is drawn” the advance notice and expectancy were raised. Narae Park whom it has been living busily there was no chance which it will take a rest on the broadcast left for the life in the world just a minute and the temple stay was done and the healing was done. The time when in addition it looks back on oneself was taken last week. All Haet the temple stay which but it falls into the chaos because of the foreigner whom the bow clank here and there, is noisy such as such as hinting at the desire hidden in the delicious temple food., etc, etcIn this day broadcast, while it Moyeoan along with the other men and Narae Park looked back on this day day, “the micro which is always charitable in the face has to be formed” forms the micro coming close to the end of the monk on Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Even when it was funny so that where could don’t know in the Angulus oris going up to the bleary look fully, the look of oddly charitable Narae Park burst the experience people which are together out laughing. It caused till the hand clapping of the monk. Especially the monk is the rumor that it had “it is utterly the same as Buddhist Goddess of Mercy look” the highest praise as if it were quite satisfied with the look of Narae Park. However, the dangerous tightrope walking is played in the dreamland and Zen-Buddhist meditation and burning hot fully tired Narae Park is expected to evoke the burst of laughter of the audience in the pear asking fully for the satisfactory meal and floor and atmosphere of the silent Zen-Buddhist meditation time. The curiosity is raised if really He can finish the temple stay safely. Besides, the appearance different of the drafting 84 changing into the representative director of 84 Co. Drafting is drawn.
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