‘the organic’ plagiarism lawsuit and lost case of plaintiff “it sees as the special case literary work”


The ended TvN drama ‘the organic’ (the script red feeling the red yeast rice, the direction Bakhong germs Kim Byeongsu Chunghyun Kim) got rid of the plagiarism suspicion at March last year. The Naeryeot the manuscript demand dismissal judgment against the plaintiff with on damage claim lawsuit Seoul western district court eleventh civil affairs department (the head judge Ura precious stone) due to the copyright infringement in which ‘the organic’ presents formal report data on 15th and which as to red yeast rice, 5 month apical cap Ssi the red feeling of the drama ‘ organic ‘ poses against to the writer last year (plagiarism) on Feburary, 2019 12 dateIt revealed all. Materially, the court is difficult the characteristic of the pole of ‘ child organic ‘ is sensed by ‘ organic ‘ it is exceedingly insignificant the part in which this originates from the original ‘ Seoyugi ‘ is excepted there is the part which some is similar the difference gets through “‘ organic ‘ in the sentencing as to the web novel ‘ child organic ‘ and concrete expression or representation. It was similar, it was apposite that it could not admit and It became the separate literary work and it judged. The web novel ‘the child organic’ of the apical cap Ssi is the detail that the common female college student disguises the female college student as a man in the best Idol group of the member boarding house and it comes and lives together and is the entertainment world active as the manager as the identity of the brother in the Idol group of the boarding house. There is the correlation with ‘seoyugi’ that the past life of the heroes was the people of ‘seoyugi’. The character of the drama, story, subject, discord structure, character of the character, and etc. are different with the except from the drama ‘the organic’ writing the ancient novel ‘seoyugi’ with the motive. The Red Sea, the Nachal daughter, as to appearing one was similar, who is figure who can appear ‘seoyugi’ rightly when being created in the motive the apical cap Ssi suggesting the suspicion of piracy insisted at that time. The except hero was big with the key and it was good-looking and there was the charisma and the sports car in was gotten going the direction. It was compiled with the tragic fate and hero and heroine installed the sad love. Hero and heroine made the hour together and it fell in love. It was similar that character of the play died of the traffic accident, it insisted. The court installed “it cannot be claims of the apical cap Ssi the Changjakjeok expression. There are distinguished in the concrete representations”. It revealed “the originator express that pain and damage in which they receive due to the plagiarism issuing attitude it is irresponsible and without Geungeo is extreme. And it wishes to be the start when it can recognize the evil of the copyright infringement claim which this judgment proposes without foundation refreshingly” that it goes on this judgment red avadavat. The legal action about the defamation about the further apical cap Ssi going to the red avadavat is planning to be actively examined. Just it changes in quality like the fact and the malicious false truth of the last for several years going to the red avadavat spreads through Internet, it recognizes seriously. On the false truth make diffusers great strength legal action is planning to be made in order to correct this.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745635.htm, 2019/02/15 11:14:19]