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It was over the domestic music chart and the girl group smallpox nothing luxurious showed the mighty power of influence in the overseas. Bal the luxurious agency RBW entertainment is learning the hot response the first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ of the luxurious accedes to the total 11 country Aittyunjeu K pop singles chart 1 Wi including Canada, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Russia, Taiwan, and etc. as formal report data along with the opening to the public on 15thAll Hyeot Besides, it puts name in the total 19 country top 10 in the Aittyunjeu synthesis eulogy chart including 4 countries 1 Wi including Taiwan, Brunei, Bermuda, Armenia, and etc. and is raising the strong blast in the overseas chart. While being like this, the Billboard, that is U.S.A famous medium, shed light on the first solo ‘the fool (twit)’ of the luxurious in the recent K pop column corner. Billboard expressed artistically the features which the charisma of on the new musical composition ‘the fool (twit)’ ” luxurious of the luxurious overflows. The powerful voice of the luxurious and rap crossed for the melody of bouncing chubbily the gangway bit, the unchallenged ability of the luxurious which is one people among the most active singer was shown in “***” pop and it praised highly. After that, ‘the fool (twit)’ music video is mentioned and ” luxurious is showing the various feelings from the Eseul leisure through the antique expression. The fun seen as ‘reference’s in which many meanings are contained with was given and it explained. The fool (twit) ‘ is the song in which the tone color charming of the luxurious gets a cut by the melody flow where there is the toxicity thickly with the tune of which the gangway bit in which the tropical element is added is impressive. Only it looks at me. The housekeeping in which it expresses me who am unable to embrace the sweetheart taking care of me as ‘fool’ is fresh. Meantime, donate the luxurious to the today (15 days) KBS2 ‘music Bank’ and spread the solo ‘the fool (twit)’ stage.
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