‘the team Lake 2’ · ‘the sincerity arrives’ · ‘the legal high’ The drama center method


It seems to be cool-headed but the dramas drawn the story of the fight truly in order to obey the justice characters in the legal circles are broadcasted. It gathered in the judicial officers Mul dramas which invited the viewer to the Braun tube center law court and which it spreads ‘the talk which the man lives’ to the various incidents. ◆Shinyang Park KBS2 TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘ neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2 fighting for ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2’ and justice: The Crime And Punishment ‘ (the direction one phase mistake and under ‘ the team Lake 2’) are the drama drawn the story which opens the second film for life after they file a complaint against corruption in prosecution and the inspection team arc that it is a success decreases due to the hell. Shinyang Park undertook the team Lake role that it fights for the abbreviation like the drama season 1. Hyunchung Ko carries out Lee, Yi Jakyong role that it stops at the team Lake and antipodal point and represents ‘vice’ when being director of planning and coordination of the primary center one group of the South Korean absolute power. Joy and sorrows of the petit bourgeois are soothed and Shinyang Park is inspiring the sympathy, the emotion and smile among the pole through the court debate flying the counterattack highly simultaneously. Recently, in the broadcast installment 15 and 16 times, the circumstance of the regrettable death of the prostitute was revealed and Shinyang Park listening to the consideration of the young client gave of the heavy second ring and message. Every week month is broadcasted Tuesday at 10 p.m. ◆ the true sphere JTBC ‘the legal high’ shouting ‘the legal high’ and “my one” is the cheerful comic judicial officers realistic scene drama so that the multiplying factor 100% monster lawyer Taerim Ko touching the law ‘A little’ and sense of justice 100% novice lawyer Seojaein trusting the law ‘only’ can be so brutal of the other 2 lawyers even if it is different. The success rate 100% lawyer which it is crazy about money and Taerim Ko whom true sphere ins charge of is well known that there is no manner. The trial which doesn’t connect doesn’t have the meaning. If however, it gets to lose a lawsuit once, it is the person as well as who tells to brag because of quiting to be the human the lawyer. Be called as ‘the pig Tae’ which is the compound word of the monster and modification due to the biting remark poured out in the court and manner which is usually arrogant and is cynical. As to Eunsu Suh, the training institute result is the lowest rank among the pole but the sense of justice is resentful as 100% rudiments lawyer Seojaein. It is positive and the nap of the chick lawyer where there is the vain work talent as the personality where there is the perseverance is emitted and Eunsu Suh attempts the change in acting style among the pole. As to the legal high ‘, every week gold and eleven o’clocks of Saturday afternoon is broadcasted. ◆ ‘the sincerity arrives’, a little haggard lawyer, and Donguk Lee TvN ‘the sincerity arrives’ is the space credit fake employment romance in which the Korea representative actor Oh gloss (be the one’s real name Chinshim Oh and induction better and be resentful) occurring suddenly to the law firm like the drama one day meets the perfectionism lawyer Kwon Jeong rock and which starts. Chinshim Oh who gets to rest the entertainment activity among the pole due to the narcotic scandal with three years olds of zaibatsu in 2 years falls into the script center lawyer character of Sechin Lee author who gets to see fortuitously. The doctor that it would like to appear on the drama after Sechin Lee writer at is hinted. However, the writer puts up ‘the law firm field training’ as the condition to Chinshim Oh. In this way, it gets to work as the secretary of the lawyer Kwon Jeong rock and begins to be seriously sensitive to the pink air current. The drama, as to number of every week is broadcasted at thursday night 9:30.
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