The Yuaen rain from staff and global birthday project beginning… last day?


The place ‘the Ppaenaen star’ in which It becomes ‘congratulate the birthday of the staff’ fan and star with one held the birthday project of the group Yuaen rain from staff on 15th. It is the large advertisement event congratulating the member having on the 17th of next month birthday. As to for the success is decided the birthday market of the staff as the sort (the point which can be gathered in the site) count which the fans contribute. The birthday congratulations advertisement proceeds if it gets together over 100,000 muches. The birthday congratulations image of the staff is screened at Seoul Subway 2 line 43 alteration waiting room display panel if it comes to 100,000 muches. The subway 2 line waiting room display panel video showing and treble bus advertisement proceeds if 400,000 muches is packed. The congratulation video is put on the screen in the Seoul Subway 2 line video showing and not only the treble bus advertisement but also Apgujong CGV if it rises per B. If it reaches 900,000 muches, the birthday event of the staff who the advertisement place is expanded till Daeyeok Hong multivision, starts with 15 from the day proceeds untill the third of next month. The detailed detail can be confirmed in ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage I.
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