‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ and points of interest which becomes strong more?


SBS variety program ‘U.S. Beef flank 8-1000’ season 2 (under ‘ U.S. beef flank 2’) gets rid of today, (15 days) veil. ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 15th notified smile which becomes strong than the whole book more in advance and started. The production crew of ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ revealed among these the points of interest. ◆ the game which the different cooking is fresh is the fishing village this time. The members leaving the last season agricultural district as the background to the mystery trace headed for the fishing village over the season 2. The refreshing sea scenery serves the different show for seeing thises. It adds with the new games jumping over the last season to be joyful. The process where especially the members go out into the sea, it catches the various food materials up to directly and shows this by the new cookings seems to come to the different point of ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’. ◆ in ‘chemie the honey is measured’ season 1 of the first year members, ‘chemie’ of the first year members showing the already perfect breathing became strong in this season more. The ambitious undertaking kite which is being ‘the god of the progress’ Jaesuck Yoo actively engaged in ‘dambee Sohn load’ as the tip of a writing brush sets out for the smile hunting as Sehyeong Yang and reality friend ‘chemie’. The Song Gang shows the fortitude the soul by ‘the correct answer hell couple’ with Dambee Sohn as ‘the Jjan in other’ after upgraded ‘AI’ smile activity simultaneously to be joyful. The inversion beef flank activity of ‘the article talents neonate’ Sanghoh Kim and clever Suhyang Lim is one among the expectancy point. ◆ as to the activity ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ of the special members, the special members sally along with the first year members. All Ppyeolchyeot the being actively engaged the production crew is confused the actor total destruction by fire civilians of ‘Running Man’ appears with the first special member The total destruction by fire Min which is unable to throw away ‘the Running Man DNA’ kept the sudden action shaking ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ rule. Jaesuck Yoo was after all started into “it is like this” the admonition. ‘U.S. Beef flank 2′ receives each time special member beginning with the total destruction by fire civilians and is planning to present another fun. U.S. beef flank 2’ is broadcasted p.m. 11 on 15th in 10 minutes for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745687.htm, 2019/02/15 16:20:28]