‘the Aneun brother’ and Suhhyeong Kim · Oh Dynasty, after that, the highest ratings explodes and in the Lee Bum Soo · no favor.


There is the Ji interest in which continuously ‘the Aneun brother’ audience rating will hit the jackpot the wool azizi. In JTBC variety program ‘the Aneun brother’ broadcasted p.m. 9 on 16th, the Lee Bum Soo and rain (the stop Korean translation of Chinese character) appear as the transfer student. 2 people are the rumor that ‘the professional games artiste’ cheek value boasted the artistic talent with the attitude the room overflowing and it caused seen these smiles in ‘the know brother’ video recording proceeding recently. The several best actions is made into the passion overflowing in the match using the body and it is known as one getting cooperation with brothers. Moreover, the relation which Seo Jang-hun and ratio and veteran motion gets complicated evokes the curiosity. Especially the attention of the broadcast circles is leaning if ‘the Aneun brother’ spends the audience rating history newly this time. The Oh Dynasty Suhhyeong Kim who is the drama ‘SKY Castle’ leading roles gathering the large-scale topic in ‘the Aneun brother’ on the air for the duration appeared at last ninth and the inversion fascination was released and the highest ratings was due to be recorded. This day ‘the Aneun brother’ threw up the spirits investigated by the whole country charged broadcasting furniture standard audience rating 9.585 % (nielsen Korea). All Kkeureot the interest Suhhyeong Kim shows the hiding charisma of the other dancing machine with the drama center charisma Kim Ju-Young teacher at all The Oh Dynasty exhibited satisfactorily and the nap which the dance and song etc. omnipotence star Dap. ‘the Aneun brother’ ran immediately from 6 %dae audience ratings maintained between moon which is extremely difficult to 9 %daes and gave vent to the bright smile. It swept in the Naver TV cast movie rank where it comes up after broadcasting from the first till the fifth and ‘SKY Castle’ favor was severely enjoyed.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745726.htm, 2019/02/16 12:15:49]