The bulletproof Boy Scouts producer poisoning, last year, the writing the lyrics · the composition royalty import 1 Wi


It was the effect of the international Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts (BTS) exposed in the royalty import. The producer poisoning (the Pdogg and one’s real name Hyowon Kang) making the music of the bulletproof Boy Scouts showed as one hiting most much against the musical copyright Ryo last year. As to poisoning, who is the main producer of the bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment 20 Yeo which Korea Music Copyright Association comes are altogether suspicious in ‘the fifth KOMCA copyright object’ awards ceremony of the 56 round the ordinary general meeting I in the popular music writing the lyrics and composition 2 field. The copyright object awards to the writers getting most much the signed rights royalty in one year. The poisoning took part including the bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘DNA’ (2017) in the writing the lyrics · composition of the hit song which ‘the fake rub’ (2018) and ‘idol’ (2018) etc. are international. It hit the jackpot indeed and especially the bulletproof Boy Scouts 5 month issue album ‘the rub young fish self all tear’ and 8 month the published record these tunes are included ‘the rub young fish self time answer’, 2 record in which swept around the world last year. The hit of the atmospherics rising altogether to the first place of Billboard Maine album chart ‘the Billboard 200’ was recorded. In the Billboard singles chart ‘the Hat 100’, the title song ‘the fake rub’ of 2 albums and ‘idol’ put the 10th and the eleventh. This copyright object arrangement field returned to the (jaewon Chung) arranging the music of ‘the between adolescence to be sucked the ball’ etc. As to the, last year, after that, in 2 series is suspicious. In the purity field prize winner, the steam Seong germs Ssi back took possession of the copyright NO. 1 glory at Lee So-yeong and classic at the national classical music at the Park Kyonghun and commotion last year.
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