The fascination it is the weapon it is light


Was the character fault which it has been taking charge so far? It was suddenly from the worry after the actor Kim Dongyeong and interview was caught. The thought that it is him taking care of ‘the Cheun DELE’ (it is blunt but the surface is warm with the center) role much and will be indecisively like that for the actuality enters. It met directly, it was as expected. But it was the actor of which this looks is more charming. It was light and that the idea got well through the Mut Eo was free and easy. Those points, as to it held in the character. It was the Seoul Mapo on 12th and Sangam-dong editorial office met Kim Dongyeong finishing SBS TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the plurality came back’. This day was the interview started earlier on in the morning and the difficulty was predicted. The fact the mouth is less the pulley, the worry that it is one not to be easy is first to make the energy from the morning. However, it conversed and saw, it was nothing but the unfounded fears in reality. The interview which the consistently is harmonious proceeded. Kim Dongyeong undertook the errand company ‘your request’ C.E.O second watch of night string role in ‘the plurality came back’. The Gyeong string is 1 Deung tricks Kkun which establishes the company in (park, The person who is) and young age and has been having the behaving carelessly work whether it is the friend plurality (yoo Seung-ho) and rice. However, it is the naive character as to the love. ” I didn’t want to express so that over to be told on one of the five wathces of the night string can Seureop. The situation itself was funny but it wanted not to express to joky. 26 is almost to be bought among Kyonghyun bivalent pole. It is me who the military is discharged from active service from the reality and who am going to the school. But this friend is the friend which starts and leads the business in the young age. It thought that it was very wonderful. I want if in this age ‘it lived with what if one (actor) was not done’. Never as to same work, the Gyeong prefecture is one which it will be unable to do. Since being young, one of the five wathces of the night string showed the plurality and who is the friend good citizens Ji and the hard friendship in the drama. Kim Dongyeong wondered actually if how it sent with the school days friends. The memory was recalled as if just He returned to this days. It lived in Jamsil since ” I hired 6. This neighborhood is still lived. Because there are familiar 10 friends from the secondary school time and hes are continuously lived in this neighborhood, it meets frequently. The friend personality is all similar to me. Hate exceeded one. Condemn ‘why it is like that’ if one people installs like that. Ha-ha. The cup Ssik which makes an excursion to the home and which it Sulha when there is no shooting is drunk. The friends and unity is perfect. In does the source of my all smokes, the fair Ireot? Just the sitcom the school years episodes which He opens heart seemed to be seen. Kim Dongyeong lives closly altogether with the wives of a friend getting married. It seemed to be altogether small in the same neighborhood and one episode was loosed. In the meantime, he blushed till the edge of an eyelid and it evoked laughter. I am the livestock shed the Haet Eo in ” friend wedding ceremony. But see the sister who It becomes the wife who my friend is not and get deeply affected. In us friend between, it is the existence like the one’s biological sister. With that sister, at most, my friend The tears is likely to leak out still. At the time when listening to the village friends and story and being, the aspects of the man Kim Dongyeong in which the actor Kim Dongyeong is not peeped out. In the meantime, his Filmography came into mind naturally. The works and Kim Dongyeong who the friends and ‘chemie’ is poisonousness rich with the movie ‘the great wish’ and TvN drama ‘the spirit liquor man and woman’ ‘the sum total Sida 3 the Siksya’ back was due to be well right. Were you the influence of ” friends? Ha-ha. In those works, the especially good reaction seemed to be gotten. If many people like and go out in ‘the spirit liquor man and woman’ still, it recognizes as this character and especially he award. It is interesting to I act along with the peer friends. However, there is the concern that it can harden as the image in charge of the similar character continually. Kim Dongyeong told “because the much exposed actor is not, the idea that it does to take charge of similar one many times and the image will become hard is not done”. Kim Dongyeong has the change in acting style one in the movie ‘supervising’ last year. He appearing as Dongyeong who is the brother among the deaf-and-dumb person brother and sister manufacturing the narcotic chopped the eye contact with the character where there is the sense of presence for the audience. It was the change in acting style which is strong as much as ‘there was this figure. But’ wanted to Kim Dongyeong. ” this role regards as the character which is noticeable to the eyes even if I don’t install even if it supplements. The chance like this is given to me and it thanks. The luck seems to be perfect. There is really many men doing well in the around. The people playing the role are like that. The new actors are like that. The window in which hes can spread the dream is narrow and it is unfortunate. Recently, it increased but is still difficult. The Ji, making debut already, in 16, the round It is him who one footprint Ssik is advancing in orderly manner. It answered as the He “it is the acting to don’t know even if it will do even if it will do” when asking “it how is because of attempting the performance over 10″. It starts ” shooting and it is like this, puts and if the ok appears, there are about 3 seconds and it thinks much. They seem to be at the acting to be the perfection. It is unable to do to be the satisfaction. All things will be like that but as in math formula, the crack doesn’t fall. My satisfaction cannot be not run and the moment is a pity. The acting wondered to him whether it was any kind of meaning. After that, Kim Dongyeong handed over the question to the manager as if it were difficult to answer. The manager told as “the brother (kim Dongyeong) is really serious about the smoke” “many actors are met. It seems to like to do one which it is unable to experience” the hint was given. The Kim Dongyeong “it is like that”The word was continued. ” man would better meet and the eel into was gone. Because of starting the secondary school time, the memory which the brother and sisters are nice appears. Ha-ha. It is the existence which approaches so that the acting doesn’t may make sense. It doesn’t have to change into the ability and the luck has to be supported in a certain degree and it is unbelievable. It seems to be the man receiving the rollover.
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