‘the return symptom’ Park spring and interregnum end ‘the spring of the second’ is visited.


The tendency of the singer Park spring where there is before the activity restart is good. The news 1 was planning to announce the new musical composition among March which on 15th foil spring comes and presently, reported in the tune final work as the height. When this news was heard, then “even if, now, YG position is not. However, Bom wishes to go well truly” wrote on Instagram and the Park spring the former agency YG entertainment (under YG) head Yang Hyun-Suk representative made the cheer. Besides, it started the supportive shooting. This day sandara Park agency YG revealed “sandara Park saw the foil, it participated in the new musical composition featuring”. The foil saw, sandara Park was known to listen the new song and firstly, is known to be the featuring doctor the steps. The foil saw, the brave sibling ind charge of the new musical composition producing. The picture I and Park spring was inserted in Instagram on 15th and the brave brother added the hash tag called ‘the # Park spring # blanket producing # manufacture # part’. The netizen expresses the delight. Although ” someone is what, the netizens listening to the comeback news of Park spring admit in-line Portal site and community on 15th that Park spring song ability civilians is big. It roots, ” (jukk****) ” foil is seen, it roots. The new song would like to be right now listened, ” (lumi****) is yellow and it is likely to be good. It is expected. The foil sees, the tone color puts up the Joeum ” (real****) back comment so and the sense of expectancy is expressed. Meantime, it debutted as 2NE1 in 2009 and ‘I Don’ T Care’ ‘Can’t Nobody’ ‘ was clapped after ‘Fire’ and ‘Go Away’ ‘I Love You’ etc. majority hit song was announced and Park spring engaged the world of singers activity. It was enveloped after narcotic dispute and 2NE1 disassembled the formal in 2016 and Park spring when work has lulled took the interregnum. The public attention leans last year if really the new pass which Park spring cooperating with the newborn agency part a division shows causes the successful result to Park spring.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745703.htm, 2019/02/16 00:00:04]