This promise left ‘I can hire alone’ seat and reason why the internet bullying is pestered


The actor this promise, as to the story having a hard time for the mind from the internet bullying was conveyed through ‘I can hire alone’ ‘buy alone’ and on reason curiosity harassed with the internet bullying was rising, the scene in which the jeon Hyeonmoo except this promise Narae Park, Han Hye-Jin, drafting 84, and Sung Korean translation of Chinese character got together in MBC variety program ‘I can hire alone’ ‘buy alone’ which the day is broadcasted with 15 and which converses was revealed. This day Narae Park paid to Jeon Hyeonmoo as “I suppose, the president and ‘ Earl chapter ‘ Nim (this promise) got the internet bullying at the last week much, because of it, did I leave for the mundane world?”. Jeon Hyeonmoo answered to this “the several saw me the text and even if it was the same as me, it was likely to pop out”. After that, jeon Hyeonmoo had the good work in Iljang realize. It was cast in the movie with the starring, “***” schedule supremum month about seat was planning to be left and the explanation about the blank of this promise was added at last. Instead of, the ago the drafting 84 which the broadcast is externally known with this promise and sincere between entered in this day broadcast because this promise was having trouble due to the internet bullying. The drafting 84 told “after the fact this promise brother got the internet bullying, it was difficult and called me”. Meantime, it appeared with the rain appears on the movie ‘the bycycle king Eombok building’ at MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted at last sixth (the stop Korean translation of Chinese character), actor Lee Bum Soo, and new actor one’s fortune port which and this promise makes the attitude adverse criticism. The netizens especially watching this day broadcast indicated the talking manner and attitude done to the one’s fortune port where this promise is the junior actor and the partial netizens put up the internet bullying through the article and community, and etc. related to this promise.
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