Till this Jiae ♥ Chunggeun Kim and Gimbyeong precious stone · Ahn Jae-ook drunk driving from the second newses


In the entertainment world of 2 months third weeks, there was poisonousness a lot of the news of the couples. This Jiae Chunggeun Kim couple gave of 2 newses. The love affair of the daisy of the eulogy gloss Hyeong of the group icon and Momo land became a subject of discussion. In the actor five kinds of flaccidity in infants, Kim tiger gave of the regrettable farewell news. Besides, the newses were heard. The Moat Seup kneader the entertainment of 2 months third weeks the news This Jiae ♥ Chunggeun Kim and second the news broadcaster this Jiae and announcer Chunggeun Kim couple gave of 2 newses. The agency part most entertainment of this Jiae presented the report material on 14th and revealed “when the mother of 2 children came to this Jiae”. This Jiae is the part that it is the coming August birth schedule with the pregnancy 15 weeks round. It has been being the activity in the line which it is not excessive with the antenatal training. This Jiae and Chunggeun Kim held the marriage vow the Maeeoeu the year 2,017 first daughters in arms as KBS and MBC person of announcer broadcaster in 2010. The love affair of the eulogy gloss Hyeong of the group icon and Momo the land member daisy was reported at last 14th with ▼ icon eulogy gloss Hyeong Momo land daisy and love affair reaction missing. However, the hour doesn’t pass how much and the feel compassion situation happens. The daisy admitted the passionate love. The eulogy gloss Hyeong denies this. The official position was made and the agency MLD entertainment of the daisy revealed “it was confirmed as one in which the result that it confirms from the daisy had the good feeling from 3 months recently and which it meets”. However, the agency YG entertainment of the eulogy gloss Hyeong denied the rumor of love as “it met the good feeling No. Several but the meeting between is not”. The netizens hearing of this news showed “in the daisy side, it is likely to be much embarrassing” the regrettable reaction. Kim tiger conveyed the news of break up from couple of younger man and older woman five kinds of flaccidity in infants in ▼ five kinds of flaccidity in infants in Kim tiger and sweetheart by the colleague recently. 2 people said part at the latter of last year. The management company told “the parting reason is poor to know well in being the private life of the actor”. The passionate love of 2 people was known through the exclusive news in fact at March last year. At that time, the management company of 2 people admitted rapidly “the acquaintance assembly met and it became close. It developed to the sweetheart”. Especially Kim tiger which is 1,989 formers in five kinds of flaccidity in infants, that is 1,987 formers, was the interest Moeu with couple of younger man and older woman of 2 years old differences. However, 2 people didn’t come to the Ji 1 year acknowledging the passionate love fact as yet and the news of break up of was given and it caused to be unfortunate. ▼ Gimbyeong precious stone Ahn Jae-ook and actor Gimbyeong precious stone of the drunk driving water and Ahn Jae-ook drank and drove. The Gimbyeong precious stone was indicted without detention in the Road Traffic Act DUI (driving under the influence) charge by Buchoen Kyonggi wonmi-soup police station on 12th. It drove at the liquor in the ground parking lot of Kyonggi-do Buchon-city one the apartment complex I with the drunkenness and He was caught by 50 minutes by the report of the resident this day at 12 a.m. At that time, the blood alchol concentration said be 0.085%, that is the suspension of license level. The agency Deo family NT of the Gimbyeong precious stone apologized “it is ignoring reason and the Gimbyeong precious stone Ssi and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room deeply” “the Gimbyeong precious stone Ssi there be no way to be loved and it causes anxiety to many people and the Jikkyeobwa gaze there be no way to suppress the sorry heart. And it apologizes truly to cause the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do”. While drinking in the local constant at night on the last ninth and heading on 10th Seoul, that is the next day, Ahn Jae-ook was exposed through the drunk driving control. The agency Jeibeul entertainment revealed the position as “ahn Jae-ook and agency are fully realize the responsibility of the excuse without room” “the mind which it causes anxiety and it cannot hide the sorry heart and it causes the scandal which absolutely it will shouldn’t do and it is very shameful and is shameful”. The red light was turned on in the working of 2 people with the drunk driving scandal. JTBC ‘the legal high’ in which the Gimbyeong precious stone appears as the major character got the harm. With dropping to not hinder in the flow of ‘the legal high’ pity ” pole it decided, it revealed. It commemorated the Martyr Ahn Joong-geun in accordance with the 100th anniversary at the Sejong Center grand theater next month from 9th and it was deciding and moreover as to Ahn Jae-ook, the interview is planning the appearance in the musical ‘hero’ as the star Ahn Jung-Geun role. It got to alight from the musical with this adverse criticism. In the Ahn Jae-ook time round, the actor qualification Yangjun people says replace. The dismantling group Nine Muses ▼ Nine Muses 9 year finishes the activity of for 9 years. On 24th, the fan meeting, lastly, the bad luck nothing all official activities of Nine Muses the agency star empire announces “for a long time sedate to conclude the activity of group after discussing, the headquarters of a party and Nine Muses members don’t pay by the proprietary including the contract period expiration, and etc” 14 days the last digital single ‘Remember’ the report material is presented on 11thIt revealed all interior colds “. Nine Muses making debut in 2010 marks this last digital single ‘Remember’ the period to the activity of group of finally for 9 years. It can be said to be the schedule to share the fans and say goodbye into the fan meeting ‘Remember’ which is held in one vocal chords Naksan pipe after on 24th.
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