… two jas of ‘chamsea Jeon’ and Woosung Chung meetsPit-a-pat, the attention including the make-up preparation, and etc.


This it prepares the make-up, expected question, and etc. 41 times of MBC variety program (chamsea Jeon) ‘chamsea Jeon’ meets Woosung Chung it is the attention broadcasted influence everyone.16 day afternoon it be reported that finish the preparation of the back all things doing the eye makeup which it does the Beullingbeul ring 2 jas meet the actor Woosung Chung in ‘the battery time of interference (chamsea Jeon)’. The aspects of Woosung Chung looking marvelously at ‘the ink-stick skill’ of 0 jas is on the air. 2 jas indicated its own eye in the photo which Chamsea Jeon production crew reveals and the appearance which it hit against the make-up to be serious than any other time and was contained. As to this soul Ja, ” eye awards the point unlike the usual time. EyeIt is the rumor it paid attention about the eye makeup before meeting Woosung Chung and it produced the surrounding staffs dubiously. It was known to prepare completely for the answer sheet according to him while it expected if 2 jas which it will meet with Woosung Chung were subjected to any kind of question in 2 jas and the aspects of 2 ja managers which it moves to meet Woosung Chung. Meanwhile, because brilliant ‘the ink-stick skill’ sat on its own opposite side in the restaurant of 2 jas at was being interestingly looked, the revealed photo center Woosung Chung stimulated the curiosity of the audiences. The cotton wrapping cloth of ‘the ink-stick vata’ is displayed such as observing the order where 2 jas eat closely and following as it is and, etc the burst of laughter is induced. Meantime, 2 jas, Jeon Hyeonmoo, and Songeun sleep for Sehyeong Yang and having disease and the back is donating ‘chamsea Jeon’ as the variety program observing the secret everyday which was given information of and the star didn’t know the problem to the who is the nearest-neighbor managers of the entertainers.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745729.htm, 2019/02/16 15:51:44]