Already, 14.18 million…’The Extreme Job ‘the first place of movie rank’ witness ‘ beneath one’s chin pursuit


Solder heartburnings Korean movie ‘extreme Job’ occupied the first place of movie rank on the 23rd of last month. At last 13th, solder heartburnings Korean movie ‘witness’ is following the later time closely. ‘extreme Job’ occupied the first place of standard box office according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network on 17th at last 16th. The accumulated audience reaches to 14.188037 million people. The lawyer Soonhoh (Woosung Chung in which as to ‘extreme Job’, the detectives in narcotic team capturing the drug smuggling context of the international criminal syndicate take over the hideout future chicken restaurant of the criminal syndicate and which however ‘witness’ which it drew the happening which gets wider while the chicken restaurant got through the word of mouth as the good restaurant, takes possession of Wi with 2 has to prove the lurking investigation the innocence of the powerful murder suspectAll Geuryeot the story which meets the autism girl close friend who is the only witness of the spot of incident and which it starts The Ri dozen that hollywood movie ‘ is well known: The third was ranked to the battle angel ‘***’ Extreme Job ‘ witness ‘. At last fifth, the accumulated audience of solder 한 this film was tallied at 1.624618 million people. As to the quarternity and the fifth, the hollywood movie ‘the Haeppideseude I 2 Yoo’ and Korean movie ‘the family deciding on the strange’ occupied.
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