‘it is the fairy of the spring’ The Koh Ara and ‘the angel expression’ attention


The field was brightly revealed in the appeal in which the actor Koh Ara was clear and which is neat and tidy. The Koh Ara attended in the SBS TV show ‘hatch’ production presentation which is held in the Seoul Yangchon-ku SBS shepherd boy office building on 11th. This day Koh Ara wore the white lace one-piece giving the neckline point in the ribbon detail and gave off the image which the spring is strongly felt even when being fascinating. It was the elegant atmosphere doubled due to the drop earing in which the jewellery matching the white skin is the feature. The one-piece which especially the knee comes down to the strap along with the cubic floral decoration below refloated fully the fascination which was pure and innocent and calm of the Koh Ara. Of course, the Koh Ara the hairiness of me in the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) is in ‘hatch’. It is all possession (criminal investigator)s resentful as the man of ability filter paper among the man of ability who is the most capable of the military arts and investigation in all. The hatch ‘ draws the cheerful adventure story and success story which confronts (this management) which it tears down the head mingin of the Noron party so that the Munjejeok prince Yeoning Gun gold dust (ilwoo Chung) that It cannot become the king can join hands with the Sahun Department (royal prosecution body) hairiness filter paper (koh Ara) and hot blood examinee Moonsu Park (kwonyul) and It can become the king and wins the presidency. It broadcasted at last eleventh for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745654.htm, 2019/02/17 00:00:02]