2 month reorganization SBS and grade?


The first Geumto drama, new the Friday article talents ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ input, and ‘the law of the jungle’ formation border The first reorganization of 2 months of SBS was carried out last week. It starts because the formation change will be given on Saturday and the gold will captivate the weekend viewer. Really this change worked as ‘one number of faith’, whether the grade of first shares of reorganization was examined with the audience rating if it showed as a result of or being a bit disappointing. The reaction of the Geumto drama ‘the hot blood priest’ (the script Jaebeom Park and direction ear noises mistake) tried for the first time is hot in SBS. The audience rating 10% or greater was recorded from the initial and the gunport of successful SBS first the Geumto drama was opened. Besides, it went up and down all day long and the topic of conversation was realized. One time of ‘the hot blood priest’ and 2 times 10.4% and 13.8% was recorded according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 16th on 17th. ㅇ informed the successful start through the fairly equal audience rating with 15% recorded ‘the law of the jungle’ this which in the same time is broadcasted last week. The narrow limits fell into 8.6% and 11.2% more than the first day broadcast installment. However, three times of next day and 4 times displayed the audience rating more than 10% still. ‘the hot blood priest’ showed the story incubating the priest (the person to leave Kim) and amusement nature and message to the public altogether and unprecedented character play and the Ttaeryeo job took the bad characters over TV luxuriously. Because there were the strong production crew and actors, elementarily this was possible. While the actors that acting ability including the steam Seong Jaebeom Park writer writing ‘kim Gwajang’ ‘the exorcism doctor’ back and ear noises mistake produces ‘whisper’ ‘punch’ back PD and steam who will leave germs, this west wind, which and etc. is solid had together, the drama which the percentage of completion is high to was given birth. As much as the start feeling good is taken, ‘the hot blood priest’, as to the interest is any kind of transition concentrated in the future that maybe it is the steps. ‘U.S. Beef flank 8-1000 season 2’ (under ‘ U.S. beef flank 2’) coming back refreshingly recorded 0.1% increase of point 3.4% than the audience rating 3.3% which the first broadcastings of the season 1 record. It is the slight change. ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ which the first year members have together excluding the black pink genie moved the background into the fishing village but there was no large-scale echo. February didn’t come to 10 million won jackpots to be different from the season 1. ‘U.S. Beef flank 2’ showed ‘the upgrade rule’ in which ‘the member hiding 10 million won’ determined by the shooting all random exists. The members were confused by the rule appearing refreshingly and this scene took possession of ‘the best 1 minute’ with the highest ratings 4.6%. However, MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ which in the same time is broadcasted is originally strong and it doesn’t seem to be easy to occupy the Friday article talents throne. The interest is concentrated if ‘chemie’ of the new guest who is committed every time and members emits light and ‘buy alone’ can be beat. ‘the law of the jungle’ audience rating fell. While for ‘the law of the jungle’ had been stand by the seat for a long time, the hour was changed as nine o’clocks of Saturday afternoon Friday at 10 p.m., the audience rating fell considerably fairly. The audience rating which the Friday and ‘the law of the jungle’ record was 15% at last eighth and the formation was changed over on 16th Saturday and it fell into 9.9%. It is almost 5.1% point fall. However, the first place of in the same time variety program was occupied and the same ‘the energy of the jungle’ was shown. There seems to be no audience rating with the fill Hohne absentminded the deterioration. As to the Saturday afternoon 9 time, there is no ‘the law of the jungle’ competition program after excepting the KBS2 ‘the battle trip’. Especially the seat of seems to be taken possession with the ground wave saturday article talents strong man who ‘the law of the jungle’ is steadfast as ‘the Baetteulteu rib’ phosphorus maintain the somewhat low audience rating of the average 3~4%. Only, it is JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ if there is the surprise rival. It is the matter of concern that maybe any kind of result is shown in the future as much as 2 programs hold the close audience rating layer altogether.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745785.htm, 2019/02/18 10:56:32]