‘along with 380,000 audiences’ The finale where the bulletproof Boy Scouts and Japan dome tour is splendid


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts finished Japan first dome tour luxuriously. The bulletproof Boy Scouts 16 days and 17 days Fukuoka Yahuokku’LOVE YOURSELF ~JAPAN EDITION~’ (the rub young fish self ~ japan edition ~) was opened in the dome and the dome tour last performance was spread. Therefore, the dome tour kept in tune with 380,000 audiences in the Tokyo in Japan, osaka, Nagoya, and 4 areas in Fukuoka was finished in the prosperity Ri. This day bulletproof Boy Scouts sang ‘IDOL’ (idol) in the hot among cheering of the fans and opened the gunport of the performance. After that, ‘I NEEDU’ (the child need Yoo) ‘RUN’ (run) ‘DNA’ (DNA) ‘FAKE LOVE’ (the fake rub) was asked for the Japanese version and the heat of the show was added. This day bulletproof Boy Scouts decorated 30 songs with the live including the solo stage of 7 members. The splendid performance and ‘blaze up’ ‘the blood sweat tear’ ‘the look man’ etc. hit song stage which the tens dancers have together spread. The bulletproof Boy Scouts finishing Japan dome tour safely got to finish Japan dome tour in ” Fukuoka according to the agency. Give thanks to everyone doing happily it is happy to the end. The memory which it was the reason why there were us because there was everyone and we can stop at the stage, it is unable to forget “***” was made and it will thank once again and always good figure will be presented and the impression was revealed. The bulletproof Boy Scouts starting ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour in Seoul Jamsil Main Stadium keeps ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ tour in March 20 days ~21 day and 23 the day the ~24 the day the Hong kong Asia world Expo arena (AsiaWorld-Expo Arena) through North America, Europe, and Japan at August last year.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745782.htm, 2019/02/18 09:32:47]