B.A. When the road of P each for is gone, the exclusive contract expires (speciality)


The company and exclusive contract is expired and the Boy group B.A.P (the powerful subtending genius work in service) visits its own way and it starts. Like this, the agency TS entertainment told on 18th that it revealed and decided to be not if the members and exclusive contract was terminated recently and it renewed any more. After that, “thank home and abroad fan everyone love B.A.P really so far” the greeting of were given. The Boy group B.A.P debutted as the single album ‘WARRIOR’ into the world of singers in 2012. The Asia artist awards best entertainer and Hat the trend prize of in 2016 the fifth heating chart K POP award this year is grabbed after in 2016 and the recognition been piled up. The curiosity of the fans is leaning to one place if the B.A.P members build its own ability with what kind of method afterward. Under is the agency official position speciality. Hello. It is TS entertainment. The subtending, genius, and exclusive contract with the work in service Ssi which TS entertainment and B.A.P member is powerful inform of the time-out. B.A. the subtending, genius, and work in service Ssi which P member is powerful arranged for the reciprocity to it was not if the agency TS entertainment and exclusive contract was terminated and it renewed any more contract and seek for its own way. It thanks truly beating everyone who there are the lot of home and abroad sending the love which is many in the subtending, genius, and work in service Ssi which the B.A.P member is powerful so far. And in the future many cheers wish to be played. Thank you
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745780.htm, 2019/02/18 09:17:38]