BTS Fukuoka show and Japan dome live tour towards America (大尾)


Japan dome live tour of BTS was young with the past 16 and ㄴ it will prevent Fukuoka show on 17th finally. The osaka friend tax radome and year were exceeded on 24th and 11 month 13 decorated the finale beginning with the east longitude Tokyo Dome with 12 in the stadium of Nagoya show and this day Fukuoka in 2018 on 14th on January, 2019 on 13th with 11 month 21, 23. On 15th mid-day Jjeum Fukuoka international airport entrance into a country, that is the show day the day before, was already crowded with AMI (BTS official fan club name)s. It was due to big fan of BTS gathering from the morning all across Japan which it is early in order to see BTS arriving from Seoul anytime, about 80,000 person could be over and for two days spectator can guess the heat of the Japanese fan about BTS with 16 with the day exorbitantly on 17th as much as the parade that it purchases the goods, as to one round was putting Fukuoka dome round. All Kkeureot the attention the total spectator 90% is abundant by the women the mom and daughter watches the public performance together the most of the audience is the teenager ~20 part It was much congested in the kumamoto, that is Fukuoka nearby area, and east longitude as well as Miyazaki and Seoul especially, that is the neighboring country, and the conspicuous color between was left a space. The spectator Missa Ssi (33) breaking out at Miyazaki left impressive aftertaste. The way which finished the performance and which it returns to the hotel was the asceticism in a word. The public transportation (the bus, subway, and subway) lined up more than 30 minutes while 40,000 people had been pouring simultaneously at a time. It walked out more than 20 minutes so that the writer could return to the lodging and the taxi had to be taken in a little free road. And the downtown hotel around was the atmosphere which AMI occupy nearly. As to for the reservation was impossible Fukuoka of the shopping quarters Korean restaurant with the amide immediately after the ball opening. The Korea fever blew hotly as much as it waited usually more than 30 minutes, and could enter. The story that the Fukuoka all economies revived into the temporary the bulletproof two days between show was almost to be heard. It had the long line which the end is not seen to be noticeable to the eyes first of all as soon as it arrived at the show first day Fukuoka dome. It is the matrices of AMI purchasing the goods of BTS reaching the total 30 including the key holder, T-shirt, debt, hat, mask, and etc. in advance. ‘AMI Bong’ (the Panlite of BTS is called to AMI Bong) is one of this middle among this. AMI Bong is the symbol when being the pride of AMI. It proves only by have AMI Bong that BTS and AMI is one. The essential item which certainly AMI Bong has to purchase in order to watch the show of BTS is important. As to aMI Bong, the common playing bar which we can see generally is not. AMI Bong is BTS and AMI with one and modifies. AMI Bong builds up the atmosphere with the itself radiation after but AMI Bong is not stopped as the performance place in which 10,000 numbers swarm in addition. The letter and pattern or shape is expressed and It becomes one part of BTS and show. AMI Bong is due to operate automatically by the direction program simultaneously interlocked with the seat recognition system with the (the) beginning of a public performance. Or the main part which the Heun AMI Panlite don’t freeze still It is the seat recognition system thanks to that this direction is possible. ◆ ‘AMI Bong’ and various form realization seat recognition system Panlite means the noctilucent stick which we are know generally. However, BTS concert flower jumps over the concept used just as the playing bar. It met with Korean international it technology and was due to be born as the Panlite of the new function. The Ki which the audiences of the unspecified individuals ticketing the show that it has the seat recognition system install the app of the artist who is trying to see in the person smart phone, it fits to the sound source of the relevant artist at the performance place by one director and controls and adjusts Panlite as the option if the wrapping (the transmission and input) do the seat information and direction data on the dictionary. The liquor is said. This can compare with the card section which we are know generally. If pairing are accomplished in all seats through the seat recognition system, it fits to the sound source and can be automatically based on the color direction and all Panlite of the inside the concert hall be altogether expressed till the passable shape including the letter and equalizer, rainbow, heart, and etc. In this way, while the availability became larger, the new fandom our performance culture began to be formed recently. If the past performance was the one-way performance of the center of the artist, the stage and seat modifies recently. And it is changed to the both sides performance which it is with one sense of unity. It is the High-Tech system which is changed to the shape of the heart shape that AMI Bong of the seat is presented with the dictionary and which BTS of the stage sees if the fans shout all at once among this Fukuoka show of BTS as ‘the Aireo view BTS’. Kyongil Choi representative of the Co Panlite developing Panlite told to be “it is used in the most of home and abroad enormous performance including exo SHINee, and etc. and is given a favorable reception including BTS from last year” “the plan which gives birth and shows the new pattern which cannot imagine this someone within this year”.
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