Change into the mincer and ‘the hot blood intern reporter’. … the Hanyeseul X earth report people and breathing


The singer mincer is planning to tramp the geographical condition as the actor. The agency Seuttik Mi entertainment revealed in formal report data in Min “the mincer was cast to SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘ big issue (the script Janghyeongnin · direction movement Korean translation of Chinese character) ‘” on 18th. The young shoot rate, and etc. which as to ‘big issue’ decides on every week one, the earth report wool and one example is worm-eaten because of the success story drama drawing Paparazzi episode get excited of the star following the scandal set the appearance in concrete. The mincer was in charge of the intern reporter Boyeong Moon character among the pole. The energy of the drama is planning to be infused with the hot blood intern reporter that what installs eagerly so that the full time can become in the Sunday communication where there is the index number string (the person that one example is worm-eaten) with the editor-in-chief. The mincer which calls ‘Joni’ reply song ‘it is good’ of the Chongshin Yoon and which it chops the eye contact with the world of singers great rookie announces the end first mini album ‘the The Diary Of Youth (more, the diary Obeu use)’ in last January. Recently, in the TvN D ‘the Gwaenchan child 2 it is sensitive’, it was the disintegration smoke the Ppyeol worth of the girl crush Kang gloss Ju. It is on March 6th first broadcasting schedule which it comes to the grace ‘ succeeding work of the big issue ‘***’ Empress.
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