Is the real that ‘the Saba Ha’ and you are trusting?


Is the god to exist in fact? Really the existence that it is this which finds when the mind becomes difficult is at our side. Was this finding at last number to be spoken as the clear line (line)? In order to find the answer to the question like this riddle before, the movie ‘the Saba Ha’ (the supervision Jaehyun Jang) leaves the long journey. The religious organization worn and following of Mocksa Park ‘the Saba Ha’ following the new religious sector and I And the reality of the scene which these face is the large-scale outline of the movie. In this process, the movie presents inversion to the inversion while the good and evil overturns many times. Here, it becomes the key in which Christianity solves the clue. The movie is overwhelming from the start. The scary atmosphere is fully created as if it decides to the bleak background music and Mise en scene. The shaman plastering the blood has the exorcism. The Capra hircus aegagrus group appears. Here, it was born in the pupil big of which has been being long the animals and human stomach but it permeated the scenes which suspicious ‘that’ back in which the human is not strong pull eye and ear from the beginning. The degree of concentration of ‘the Saba Ha’ is peculiar. The organization where the dense story and direction and background music triple time is perfect as if it blocked all ones obstructing the concentration was accomplished. It says be like that and there is not the fear. The trivial smile is inspired. The mileage ash installs the large-scale role of this smile. As to He, undertaking Mocksa Park station following the new religious sector the dolly does the drawn pastor and grain in the so far many works. It is the pastor who is the commercial (?) which it digs up to be provocative and makes money of him. It is cunning and there is a lot of the fear and these appearances inspire the smile. But it is the tone of this standing that Yum Seokchin of ‘assassination’ comes into mind from Mocksa Park. The smell of dark ‘assassination’ happens in ‘the Saba Ha’. It is and the actor this man of talent undertaking the gold coin role not to candrop out of this film. All Ppyeolchyeot 2 roles by 1 person acting with the acting ability which He is stable although ‘the Saba Ha’ is the first movies It plays a role when the Kkeul Eo the voice of the look without the number to realize the heart and bass raises the scary atmosphere of ‘the Saba Ha’. The Chung-mu road’s new jewelry seems to come to this man of talent like the simpleness next found in the previous work ‘the black priests’ of Chang director. I was driven into the utmost limit and high Park Chungmin made a boast of the repairman Buddha’s disciples opposite which it is mysterious and synchronous rate. Here, the ferryboat Gyu the stuff joining in the actor rank accomplishes severely the one’s own share. As to ‘the Saba Ha’, the character is the character but the energy which the prologue leads is strong. However, moreover it was possible because the acting ability of the actors supporting the prologue was solid. Especially arouse the curiosity of the audience by the fresh meterial and organization where it is difficult to look in the national automatically. As to ‘the Saba Ha’, the simple horror movie is not. ‘belief’ what is to us living a life of the reality, whether we make so that it can throw a question and once whether that we are seeing is the truth. ‘the Saba Ha’ opens on the coming 20th. The length in seconds 122 minutes It is 15 years old watchables.
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