“it is the prostitution and truth.” Lean and comment group reason in the completion related news


The singer lean mentioned the prostitution case of the husband completion, 15 days completions posted the writing that it received the expensive bracelet the present against on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day from lean on Instagram. This day insight published this and it put in the Instagram official account. Then one netizen wrote a comment “the minor doesn’t want to know what the minor surname fixer installs”. The answer comment was hung on this comment and lean was explained to this as “the prostitution is the fact but the false truth can be rampant in this inside” in the completion, saying that it was “the relative was imprisoned for 6 months and in order to tell of Ani, the comment put up to pretends to don’t know even though it was well known”. After that, the home work of the other who doesn’t want to know as much as one can, saying that it is “if it doesn’t see and doesn’t read, then the attention didn’t write down and if it passes just as long as this comment is read, He is likely to be upset” and can don’t know has to be known in this way and lean is likely to be tired. As to this day, my job is really hateful. It felt sorry. It added to neverthless do the finish well happily a day. The completion is previously charged with the minor prostitution charge in 2009. The prostitution acknowledged the completion at that time in fact. However, it insisted that opponent was the minor, it didn’t know and the drop of charge against was hit in 2010. Meantime, lean and completion got married last September 2014.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745776.htm, 2019/02/18 09:16:42]