Lim Soo-Jung and return formulation in… year 2 it is the desire to win first of the ten celestial stems character this time


The actor Lim Soo-Jung the TvN drama ‘WWW’ (Gaze and subtitle: Inputted the search word, ㅇ gave the comeback news pleased to the viewers. The King Kong By starship reveals and the actor who belongs to company Lim Soo-Jung decides the appearance by the IT company director of the headquarter exclusion brown seaweed of the counting on one’s fingers in the TvN new drama ‘WWW’ (the direction Jeong Ji-Hyun, script Eunsol Kwon, and manufacture Hwaaen next Pictures) and like this, it keeps the acting pass in the Braun tube on 18th. Lim Soo-Jung undertook the late thirties worker exclusion brown seaweed engaged in the IT industry among the pole. It is the character which is confident to the part it likes to defeat by the director of the headquarter of the industry 1 the giant Portal site company pushing the exclusion and which it wins and of which the desire to win is strong. The meeting begins to be felt whether in order to go through the course where the own way is ethical, the self inspection is constantly taken and it isn’t losing even when using the won number to be abundant under the oil lamp that it is the success. The screen and Braun tube is visited often across the image which is dignified from the appearance which is so far pure and innocent and is loveable and where there is the decisiveness and Lim Soo-Jung been loved to the public. With informing the Braun tube comeback before after the TvN ‘chicago typewriter’ in 2 years especially, the current work gathers the expectancy of the fans. The fantasy drama WWW’ drawing the life of more real the now women whom the mother the wife doesn’t select and success cheerful Put the story which succeeds by the reason that there was no differentiation and trouble, it decided eagerly still on my work for the talk it worked and bumped against and which worked to borrowing and lending and it fought joyfully and only worked and won, which it makes. The stories of the industry which guessed altogether with the intense competition of the Portal site industry but in which anyone didn’t give notice are planning to be disentangled. Moreover, the interest is received under the Ipbong Jak of Eunsol Kwon writer piling up the peel force with the auxiliary writer of Jeong Ji-Hyun director producing ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ the cavity and Kim Eunsuk writer since the manufacture and the expectancy is hotly heated. Meantime, the actor casting is finished soon and the TvN drama ‘WWW’ which Lim Soo-Jung appears is having the shooting ahead. And it is having the broadcasting ahead in the first half of 2019.
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