Make no man who is unable to see ‘the nephew TV’ and cute one.


The heart was beat. The cute activity of four teams of kids creator formed the audience with the bright smile, 17 days cable channel TvN variety program ‘the nephew TV in my hand’ was broadcasted. In this day broadcasting, wanson Kim and Eosseomhaeun and first meetings of the low stream water and zone & spirit brother were drawn. It is the star Eosseomhaeun and Ttuattu with the program drawing the contents manufacture in which the nephew TV ‘ entertainer and kids creator meets in my hand and which shows the breathing of the fantasy and which puts the personality. The Mairin and zone & spirit is the numerous uncle and famous kids creators in which it has the aunt fans and. As to eosseomhaeun, the Stago and Ttuattu Ji lead about 2.95 million subscriber in YouTube as ‘the dance prodigy’ are holding the YouTube about 530,000 subscriber as the contents showing every day. In ‘2,019 Republic of Korea first baseman brand target’, the kids creator section was received. About 750,000 people subscriber is held and splendid Mairin is being loved by the cute appearance and skill at talking. All over the ground the zone & spirit brother coming from U.S.A is taking an active part as the great Korean proficiency in the broadcasting and YouTube channel. In this day broadcasting, the kids creator melted softly the charisma and cute these minds these minds which is heavily armed with the personality from the greeting. Eosseomhaeun covered the bulletproof Boy Scouts ‘blaze up’ choreographing with the team name that it is Wanson Kim and ‘DS (the double Sikseuttin)’ and splendid showed the nice breathing and performance. The team name was made with ‘the zone Mack number’ and ‘the dark room ASMR’ contents was shown by every kind of all and the zone & spirit brother and low stream water stimulated the salivary gland of the audience. The Ttuattu Ji and Mairin didn’t start into the real contents manufacture. In spite of that the audience was smiled at the studio people. The interest of the viewer is continued after broadcasting. In the online, it cannot take eyes off the takes off from the fascination infinite of the kids creators in which it enjoys the popularity and which is and concept and activity the child Dap cute. However, the sullen words which is not fresh to another playing a variation of the observation reality article talents comes out. The audience rating ended up in 0.8 % (the Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and the sense of frustration was left. The cute nephews captivate the mind of the viewer and all eyes is the audience rating making a long drive taking advantage of victory turned if it is the steps.
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