… rejection of bail ‘the license-free fleeing drinking’ Seongwon Sohn and ‘panic disorder’ were mentioned


The actor Seongwon Sohn hit against the license-free drunk driving and fleeing charge claimed the jewelry demand. However, it was rejected. The Seoul Central Court criminal 7 single Kichan Hong head judge dismissed the jewelry demand of Seongwon Sohn on 18th. The Jeom and the issue that Seongwon Sohn has the DUI history (history of driving under the influence of alcohol drugs) are important in the past. It is the result that it judges by considering altogether the concern over escape attempt. Seongwon Sohn requests the discharge in the jewelry demand interrogator thing opening at last eleventh to the court previously. His counsel explains “it deeply is regretting and the defendant is suffering from the panic disorder” “the defendant is naturally judged and it worries about the future” the bijou demand Sayoo at that time. Seongwon Sohn revealed figure reflected “cause the social public criticism and be sorry” “it felt bitterly with the body how I thought easily of the law so far”. The car of the father was driven and it went and the pile-up accident was caused and Seongwon Sohn ran away to the drunken state to 20 minutes from the Seoul Gangnam-ku Apgujeong-dong previously last year at 4 a.m. on December 26th. The withdrawal of license level with the blood alchol concentration of Seongwon Sohn arrested by the police for the report of the citizens at that time 0.206% The driver of the damaged vehicle of the damaged vehicle and fellow passenger suffered the mirror image due to this accident. By applying in the Road Traffic Act drunk driving and driving without license and under the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes fleeing dentiform and hazardous driving dentiform suspicion to Seongwon Sohn, after Kangnam police station applied for the warrant of arrest and sent to Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office for the recommendation for indictment. However, seongwon Sohn refused the statement and possible drunkometer a measuring deceivingly because the actor Jeonghwi who is the fellow passenger drove at the immediately after the accident and the dispute was enlarged. The next trial date of Seongwon Sohn is come March 14 days.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745815.htm, 2019/02/18 14:20:14]