Seahyun Kim joining which the Wie first girl groups and ever glow opening to the public… king is like this


The girl group ever glow, that is the god, undertook the debut in the announcement and center of the topic raid. The Wie entertainment Korea opened the team name of the first girl group ever glow (EVERGLOW) in the midnight Wie and logo film on 18th and formulated the debut. The member of the ever glow which Wie reveals appeared on the survivor program ‘the produce 48’ and Seahyun Kim and Leereon Wang attracting attention was included. Because the feel of which is mysterious and soft the violet color sense as well as the team name of the ever glow (EVERGLOW) is produced, the revealed film amplifies the curiosity for the concept. As to the ever glow, the strong will of the new group that the ever glow will make the light and shadows into the time of us altogether as ‘the day which the light of the sun shines and night when it doesn’t decide on the sad fall season’ will happen due to the compound word of ‘EVER’ (always, always) ‘GLOW’ (it shines) and energy is contained. Moreover, the member is meant as the symbol of the adding which is widely written by the sigma and G is including the meaning that it will suggest the changes of the members by the letters of the delta Value and It will become one, the fascination of the respectively different members will pursue the musical diversity, that is each. The outcome gets attention if It becomes the girl group, that is the god in which the first girl group ever glow of the Wie entertainment Korea represents the year 2,019.
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