The Choi Minsik · Han Suk-kyu and getting back together…’ of the year 20 after ‘Shiri’The astronomy ‘


The movie ‘ astronomy which the veteran actor Choi Minsik Han Suk-kyu representing the Republic of Korea has together: The sky was stained, ‘ (gaze) completed. The movie ‘ astronomy like this, the film distributor Lotte entertainment reveals on 18th: It told that sky was stained, ‘ (gaze) finished the long march between 4 month and it started into the unsealing preparation. Sejong the Great, who was trying to make the sky of Joseon and hour He and will was shared but the movie is the work dealing the story hidden of Jang Young-Sil disappearing from the moment history. ‘ astronomy starting to featuring the first shootings at October last year: The sky was stained, it hosted the shooting beginning with the admission in the various places of the whole country including Tamyang, nqp Munkyong, Chung-ju, Bo-Sung, Buan, and etc. and the finish ‘ (gaze) made the shooting in spite of the cold weather on the 23rd of last month. All Moeun the interest with the schedule the current work drawing racily the story hidden between 2 genius Sejong of Joseon which had never been deeply handled in the screen so far and Jang Young-Sil Does the Choi Minsik in charge of Jang Young-Sil, Han Suk-kyu ins charge of Sejong and the getting back together of the year 20 is informed before after the movie ‘Shiri’ in 1999 and the early hot response is derived? 2 actors this ‘ astronomy: The sky is stained, strong the expectation for the smoke breathing to be shown through ‘ (gaze) and synergy is raised. “at the moment when doing with Sejong in the real history, because it could participate in this special work which it makes the talk of disappearing Jang Young-Sil the Ppul Eo against, it was really the honor” the astronomy the Choi Minsik finishes the filming: The sky was stained, it wanted to meet quickly with the audience through ‘ (gaze), the impressions which the sincerity is young was conveyed. It is likely to be poor engage in the shooting fiercely and so that in also Han Suk-kyu, ” completion could present the high work and character forget the moments. This heat will be good if it was bodily conveyed to the audience. The many expectancy and cheers was asked and it said and the affection for the work and character was expressed. ” Choi Minsik and breathing of Han Suk-kyu 2 actor Chinhoh Huh director who in charge of direction were perfect. Also it was expected with me. With doing best for the movie which will be powerful and great in the work phosphorus in which all actors and production crew is mutual understanding including 2 actors to the work of the latter half and giving the actor and staff sharing the joys and sorrows of the thank in the field, the expectancy about the movie was added. The movie is the prearrangement of release in the first second of 2019.
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