The deep emotion which ‘flower shoes’ becomes in ‘wien Gino ♥’ Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar and ‘it is the bear’


The global of the wrapper Wien Gino in which from Germany model Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar is the sweetheart was hotly congratulated. Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar published the image and photo put the global field of Wien Gino into Instagram on 17th. In Kangwon-do CheolWon 6 division audiogenic troops, this day Wien Gino finished the service between 9 month faithfully in 1 and was discharged from active service. Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar ran toward Wien Gino from the publishing image. It embraced suddenly and Wien Gino sent up him. He coming out of the bosom of Wien Gino wiped the flowing tear with the hand. And Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar raised the photo, and etc. put on ‘the discharge date calculating machine’ application capture and Wien Gino and front of the troop and was delighted with the global of Wien Gino with the Instagram story, saying that it was “it cried much”. In addition, I was expressed as ‘the flower shoes (the sweetifsh telling on the girlfriend waiting constantly for the millitary service of the boyfriend)’. 2 people acknowledged the passionate love fact officially last May 2015. And 2 people uploaded constantly the photo which it is together on SNS (the social relationship network service) and showed the affection. Tteppani Seu tail sheath bar appeared on the group JYJ member Junsu Kim ‘Eonkeomittideu’ music video in 2012 and informed the domestic of the face. It appeared on G-dragon sun ‘the exorcism Boy’ music video in 2014. It rose to ‘it is agitated by Korean color and the In OSCAR is fashion show had’ as the model in 2015. And presently, the Munich in Germany as well as Seoul, American LA, and etc. is come and is gone and it is playing an active part as the model.
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