The # Ilwoo Chung sister 38 # Geonmao Kim which Ilwoo Chung reveals


The actor Ilwoo Chung visiting ‘hateful our cub’ with the special guest revealed the unlike other people love toward the sister. The nap mature of the brother that would like to give ‘truly, the partner’ the Chat child to the sister smiled the TV viewer. All Geonnet the people the actor Ilwoo Chung appears as the special MC on SBS variety program ‘hateful our cub’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 17th The part attracting attention with this day most was the family which Ilwoo Chung reveals. ” our sister is 38 year old this year and Ilwoo Chung is the single yet. It introduced that it looked very like me, the fashion design was studied and it was in about overseas in 10 and “***” sister was working in Korea now. After that, the mothers of ‘hateful our cub’ revealed excited figure. The mother of Geonmao Kim told “(introduction) can install this side (geonmao Kim and Baksuhong)” and the excitement was unable to be hidden. As to Seo Jang-hun, Suhong is the brother and 12 year age difference on this if 38 is the years old. Geonmao Kim brother and 12 year age difference exceeds. Chongcook Kim and age was well right and it explained. After that, ilwoo Chung spoke as “the sister likes ‘ drizzle bird ‘ very and the like man is in this middle” “especially it is the fan of the Geon people senior”. Ilwoo Chung told “if it will marry Geonmao Kim while the sister will see TV, the lifetime will say be interesting”. The mother of Geonmao Kim was unable to hide the satisfied smile in this. As to Ilwoo Chung, the sister liked the noodles. It added till the concrete tendency to like the liquor The mothers began to help in this “it is Geonmao Kim and perfect match”. All Chyeot MC prodigy leaf “the congratulatory money is cost to the both if 2 people goes well. Then” the agree enthusiastically Ilwoo Chung whom the broadcasting starts the blind date good offices for the sister directly The desirable nap of the first younger sibling captivated the attention well.
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