The news cooperation assessment committee and stand 10 the medium pass… the content cooperation ‘the passing examination nothing’


The Naver · cacao news cooperation evaluation committee (the affiliated assessment committee) in charge of the news cooperation judgment of Naver and cacao announced the news cooperation and formulation material judgment related meeting result that it proceeds on 15th on 18th. 38 media passed at the news stand at 10 media and news search. The medium passing the news content cooperation evaluation didn’t have one place. Previously, the affiliated assessment committee got the application of the media want the news contents, news stands, and news search cooperation at September last year from 3rd during 2 weeks. In the news contents and news stand cooperation, the total 101 (41 duplexes) media including 84 (60 contentses, 51 stands, 27 duplexes)s in Naver, 58 cacao, s and etc. applied. And the qualitative evaluation with was proceeded toward 79 (68 Naver, 46 cacaoes, 35 duplexes) media passing the quantitative evaluation about 2 months at October last year from 12th. . Consequently, the news stand 10 medium got through the evaluation. The pass ratio is 9.9%. In the news search cooperation, the total 385 (16 duplexes) medium including 316 Naver, 233 cacao, s and etc. applied. The medium passing the quantitative evaluation is 247 (217 Naver, 143 cacaoes, 113 duplexes)s. The result total 38 (32 Naver, 29 cacaoes, 23 duplexes) medium that it proceeds with the qualitative evaluation for these passed. 9.8% was passed among the medium in which it applies for the cooperation. As to the category change, the total 15 medium applied. The total 2 medium including one the result Naver news contents 1, 1 cacao news search, and etc. passed the qualitative evaluation the evaluation against 14 media passing the quantitative evaluation. Moreover, the reevaluation with was proceeded toward 9 (9 Naver, 2 cacaoes, 2 duplexes) media in which the accumulated penalty charged due to the dishonest act has the total of 6 Jeom or greater from March last year until December. Consequently, for the cooperation type maintenance and total 2 medium (2 Naver), the affiliated type switching and total 3 medium (3 Naver, 1 cacao, 1 duplex) contract was canceled. In this meeting, the affiliated assessment committee decided to revise the fixed quantity · qualitative evaluation regulation, that is the news cooperation judging standard. As to the quantitative evaluation, did you change to 20% in 30%, it decided to change the qualitative evaluation to 80% in 70%? The standard in assessment was revised. The quantitative evaluation revised with the news productivity, self Gisaryang, and ethical practice will. As to the journalism element of the qualitative evaluation, the ethical element exchanged the recipient element into the user element to the social value, fairness · accuracy · objectivity of the report, professionalism of the report, and adequacy of the article production line to the article ethics, advertisement ethics, and sex. The reevaluation periodic time is reduced in the existing consecutive 4 times to the biannual. And it proceeds simultaneously with the news cooperation judgment. Chooahn Kang first so called chairperson told to be “extensively the defect appearing in the affiliated examination process where it proceeds for 3 years after the cooperation assessment committee launching was handled with care through this regulation revision” “one receiving the score which the medium writing much the article differentiated from now on is high”.
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