The reason why it sets up Geewon Kim announcer and thread, it increases? …”This day it lives


KBS position Geewon Kim announcer put KBS position Geewon Kim announcer name in the real time searching Eo higher rank. The pleasant heart was unable to be hidden and Kim announcer conveyed the impressions to this. Geewon Kim announcer set out for KBS Cool FM ‘the FM march of Eunyeong Park’ broadcasted in the morning on 18th as the special DJ. This day Geewon Kim announcer occupied the Portal site real time searching Eo among the broadcasting and He discovering this gave of the greeting of the thank among the broadcasting. As to geewon Kim announcer, ” we overcame this service large-scale (portal site). It comes that day which it will be sour, takes care of the first visits the real time searching Eo 1 Wi in the Da”myeo Haet ” life. This glory to was turned the listeners and it told. Geewon Kim announcer is graduating from the Yonsei University mass communication study and graduate and is being active as the announcer in KBS. The progress of ‘KBS news 9’ of is taken care.
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